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Night Folk

Anyone else notice you can't auto aim on night folk? And also my first encounter they Insta killed me? The little shxts scared me to new austin first time i saw them, looked like zombies

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• 3h

Best Name for Arthur's Horse?

What would be the best "canon" name for Arthur's horse in the game? His previous horse in Blackwater was named Boadicea, a reference to British mythology. The game is full of references to the Knights of the Round Table and other mythological figures so it would make sense that his new horse would have a similarly inspired name. I kept the Shire horse Hosea gives you and named it Brutus, after the legendary founder of Britain. What do you guys think would be the best name to give the horse?

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• 6h


Does anyone know and love
The memes
Of the Lumbargo
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• 9h

What the hell, Susan?!

So I was playing around in the second chapter, and at some point I brought some game to camp to feed my loyal children. But just after I gave 7 toad carcasses and a stolen 1-star chicken to Pearson Susan that old hag came to me and slapped Arthur as hard as a bullet and rumbled about him stinking the camp. Shortly after she literally forced Arthur to take a bath! The disgrace! Arthur could easily snap her in two, she doesn't get to treat him like he was a child! I'm legit pissed, this ruined her character for me.

Did this ever happen to y'all?
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• 15h

A potential Theory to Dutch's Madness

SPOILERS As many people have played thru the game, Dutch becomes increasingly psychic, and loses his mind whilst playing the game. Anyway, I have an idea for how it happened, the mission in which Dutch hits his head so hard on a crashed Tram's Handlebar the he couldn't see straight. In theory, that could've damaged his brain which, also would cause him to deteriorate, mentally. Micah, may have took this as his chance to "appeal" To Dutch, thus, making him a terrible on our mentally deteriorating leader of the Van der Linde Gang. If this is so, maybe if Arthur hadn't saved Micah in Strawberry, Dutch would be less psychotic. No matter what, if he listened to both Hosea & Arthur, he would've kept his sanity. Either way, next time anyone robs anything, remember, Untreated concussion = Your mental deterioration.
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• 19h

Jack Marston's Jacket (RDR1)

The tan jacket that Jack wears after you finish the story is the same exact one that Arthur wears. (guess Jack didn't forget the fishing trip after all) Change my mind.
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• 1d

What did you call your horse?

my main horse Peppermint who was a war horse, 3rd play through ans she was the only horse who made it all the way to the end with me

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есть Славяне???

нужен кто-то кто шарит русский язык
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• 2d

Clothing in rdr2

Just wondering how much all the clothing in the game cost not including trapper clothe can someone tell me exact price or nearest dollar or something

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• 2d

Rough riders

Leave a message on my wall if you would like to join the rough riders. We have 70+ members. My PSN is Ultime556.

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• 2d

What is the Strategy Guide?

I've searched in the internet and found nothing about the Red Dead Redemption 2 Strategy Guide.
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• 3d

Braithwait manor

Go back to braithwait manor after chapter 3 to get a gold bar in the house to the right of missis braithwait
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• 3d

Your opinion


How many people played the end of chapter three. When you fid were you glad to get jack back or feel good when you went to go to the braithwaits house and every one came to
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• 3d

My beard is gone!

My glorious beard disappeared! I was screwing around killing lawmen in Blackwater in Chapter 3, and I reloaded my save that was back at Clemens Point and my massive, dirty beard was gone! It's not fair! Bring it back!

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• 3d

John and Arthur's relationship (epilogue spoilers)


I think that even though the game describe their relationship as brothers, their relationship is much stronger than that.
Instead of brothers, I believe that John view Arthur as a father figure.

Think about it, Arthur always protected John and worried about him more than any character in the game, even more than Abigail! In the Epilogue you can hear and see John keeps comparing himself to Arthurm who taught him how to fight in combat and everything aside (he even compare himself to Arthur when he goes hunting).

Now I know, it's Dutch whom adopted Arthur and John, and Dutch admires John so much he even calls him "The golden boy", but he never cared about John as much, and it's obvious John was never comfortable being with Dutch. For example, John always ask for help and advices from arthur and not from Dutch or any other character. It's obvious John looks up at Arthur and want Arthur to guide him more than anyone else.

In the end, John practically becomes Arthur in the Epilogue (even gameplay wise, John becomes such a good shooter and fighter like Arthur, though it's mostly to make the player's life easier, but also shows how much John becomes like Arthur).

In the end, I find it cool seeing the character like this:
Arthur -John's father and mentor
John- Jack's father and mentor
Jack - the only one who made it and became the last gunslinger in the tamed west.
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• 3d


What side would John go on if he didn’t have Abigail and jack? The man who took him in from childhood or the man who’s fighting a corrupt friend? Let’s keep in mind of what Arthur and Dutch did and didn’t do for John
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• 3d

Quick Question For Fellow Players?

I'm having a little trouble with my Dead Eye on RDR2 on my Xbox 1: it used to be that when I'd use it, I could target all my enemies with those brilliant little red crosses, I'm at Chapter 6 now but my Dead Eye targeting has completely changed. It no longer shows those crosses and I can't auto target in my Dead Eye anymore. Can I change it back to its primary phase and if so, how? Sincerely, Aragorn Skywalker Of House Stark.

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• 4d



Is there anything fun to do on Guarma? Like any hidden gold or treasures or stranger encounters etc?
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• 4d

Pistol twerling

Did you know that if you double tap lb or whatever button you use to holster your weapon you can twirl your pistol but your gun does have to be out first if you didn't know this comment if it helped
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• 4d

Gold guns

How do you turn your guns gold I can't figure this out does anyone know
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