Abraham Marsh ist ein Multiplayer-Charakter aus Red Dead Redemption, den man im Ausstatter unter Diverse Verbrecher findet. Er ist ab Level 3 wählbar.


  • "I got an idea, I kill you, rob you, then fuck your sister! Haha!"
  • "Come on and smile, your momma always smiles".
  • "You look like a puta so why don't I fuck you like a puta!"
  • "I thought I killed you already, you putas all look the same".
  • "You want to die now? Well, we start with some torture! Haha!"
  • "Were your parents brother and sister?"
  • "If I was that ugly I'd kill myself."
  • "Carajo, you would smell better dead for a week."
  • "Whats wrong with your face? From here I gotta make you a new one."
  • "Your face looks like an old man's culo."
  • "Oh yeah you, why don't you come and lick my cojones."
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