Charley Bullock ist ein Multiplayer-Charakter aus Red Dead Redemption, den man im Ausstatter unter Diverse Verbrecher findet.

Er ist ab Level eins wählbar.


  • "Jesus Christ! I ain't never seen such incompetence on such a scale!"
  • "Bang, bang, bang! Hahaha! Bang, bang!"
  • "There ain't hardly enough blood here to make a puddle! Now who wants to help?"
  • "Stand still! What, you want to die in bed?"
  • "Who wants to see their insides? Hands up!"
  • "I'm comin' for you! I'm on to you!"
  • "Come on! Show me something!"
  • "I'm so bored of all these goddamn hats!"
  • "Why don't y'all stand still? You're makin' this too hard!"
  • "Don't tell anybody, but I'm, wearing a corset!"
  • "I haven't made my quota for random slaughter of the month yet! You better duck!"
  • "You'd look better with a big hole in your head! Let me help!"


  • Er hat das selbe Charaktermodell wie Sid Winkler.
  • Er ähnelt sehr dem berühmten Revolverhelden Billy the Kid von seiner Kleidung und seinem Aussehen.
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