Heath Michaels i
555px-Rdr heath michaels

Heath Michaels im Ausstatter

st ein Multiplayer-Charakter aus Red Dead Redemption, den man im Ausstatter unter Gesetzeshüter findet. Er ist ab Level 31 wählbar.


  • "Run home to momma!"
  • "I'm right here, huckleberry!"
  • "I can smell you from here!"
  • "I'm gonna put you in a world of hurt, amigo."
  • "I'll shove this Peacemaker down your throat!"
  • "Who wants some lead in their ear? Step right up!"
  • "I'm fixin' to break your skull wide open, ya like that?"
  • "Gonna brand you like a goddamn steer!"
  • "You wanna dance with the devil? Well here I am!"
  • "You god-forsaken piece of piss!"


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