555px-John Kelby

#Kelby im Ausstatter

John Kelby ist ein Multiplayer-Charakter aus Red Dead Redemption, den man im Ausstatter unter Viehdiebe findet. Er ist ab Level eins wählbar.


  • "Everytime I steal something I tell myself, darn you're good!"
  • "I couldn't drive no nails in a snowbank, but I sure can fight!"
  • "Before I skin my gun fucks, hand over their money, 'cause they're darnn afraid!"
  • "I ain't just strong, I'm smart as a whip! Yeah!"
  • "When I'm in a fight, I'm just singin' with my tail up!"
  • "They say I'm the smoothest devil, 'cause I make you feel good, then kill you!"
  • "I ain't never met a man tougher than me!"
  • "I can't stop being a criminal now, I'm a living legend!"
  • "I ain't no cherub mister, I'm the devil!"
  • "No need for no blowpipe, I can kill a man with these hands!"
  • "I'm a do every crime I can think of, before I take the big jump!"
  • "I ain't just handsome, I'm a killer too!"




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