555px-Wayne Daniels

Wayne Daniels im Ausstatter

Wayne Daniels ist ein Multiplayer-Charakter aus Red Dead Redemption, den man im Ausstatter unter Viehdiebe findet. Er ist ab Level 14 wählbar.


  • "Hey, idiot!"
  • "You wanna lick my rusty brown badge?"
  • "I heard a leper colony moved out when they heard you moved in."
  • "You been riding the bull, or has the bull been riding you?"
  • "Hey cowpoke, you like poking them cows?"
  • "Are your parents blood relations by any chance?"
  • "I'll crap in your hat."
  • "You goddamn piss stain."
  • "Are you allowed out in public when you're that ugly?"
  • "I'm comin' for you."
  • "Son of a bitch!"
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