David Darwinson es un personaje del multijugador de Red Dead Redemption.

David Darwinson es uno de los personajes de la rama "Comisarios" del modo de juego y puede ser elegido en el vestidor una vez llegues al nivel 1 (A partir de Octubre de 2010).


  • "You'll be pissin' outta your ass when I'm done with you!"
  • "I'd stick my iron up your asshole if I could!"
  • "Buzzards will like ya'."
  • "How much your momma charge, the no good that spawned you?"
  • "I shat out a prettier thing than you this mornin'."
  • "A face wound's about the only thing that'll improve your looks."
  • "You're just another dumb bastard that got killed in the West."
  • "What's that stink? You shat yourself!"
  • "Killin' you would be a pleasure."
  • "I'm gonna make this slow and painful."
  • "Them's the clothes you'll be buried in!"
  • "Any last words?"


En el modo un jugador, el modelo de David Darwinson es utilizado por Bert Leverick.

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