Hank Shiyani es un personaje menor de Red Dead Redemption que aparece en el modo multijugador.

Aparece en el vestidor en el nivel 12 del modo multijugador en la rama "Banda de Dutch".


  • "You smell like you use your own shit as a warpaint!"
  • "You move like your pants are full of a donkey crap!"
  • "You shoot so bad you must aim with your head as a cow backside!"
  • "No, pissing in your pants doesn't count as a marking of your territory!"
  • "Your breath stinks like you eat from a horse behind!"
  • "I have hunted half-dead Elk that smell and look better than you."
  • "If I light a match, your backside will look like a sounding smoke signal!"
  • "Love drinking bull's milk from the source?"
  • "There are more fleas on you than a dead whore's lap!"
  • "It smells like your spirit animal has left tracks on your pants!"
  • "That can't be hair on your head; it look like a valley of skin had rats!"
  • "Your spirit aura glows brown you're so full of crap!"


En el modo un jugador, el modelo de Hank Shiyani es utilizado por Enepay

Hank Shiyani
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