1. Be nice and treat people with respect. Keep discussions civil and be open-minded about opinions that may differ from your own. 2. Threads and posts that solicit comments, upvotes or poll votes will be deleted. 3. Impersonation of other users, characters or famous people will not be tolerated and therefore result in an indefinite ban. 4. If you have been banned and return on a new account, your posts will be deleted and your new account(s) will be banned as well. 5. Trolling of any kind will be deleted and lead to your account being banned. If you notice a troll, do not react but merely report the post and move on. Anyone who 'feeds' a troll can be punished as well since they are only worsening the situation. 6. Don't attack other users on the discussion forums. Malicious threats, verbal abuse, bullying of another user and inappropriate behaviour will have serious consequences. 7. Please keep your posts relevant. Posts that are not completely on-topic are allowed, but posts such as "lolz I had pizza for dinner" will be deleted. 8. Avoid creating low-effort posts. Posts saying something such as "red dead is the best cowboy game" will be deleted. Instead try saying, "I think Red Dead is the best Wild West game series ever! Do you agree? Why/why not?" 9. Please refrain from posting several posts or comments in a row unless it is absolutely necessary. Spamming can result in either a temporary or permanent ban at individual moderators' discretion. 10. You might not always agree with the staff. If you have an issue with the way a staff member has handled a situation, join the wiki Discord server and message them, or use the message board on their user page. Do not cause more drama on Discussions by making a post to attack a staff member.
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