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100% Completion is an accomplishment in Red Dead Redemption 2 that unlocks an achievement/trophy.


100% Completion is achieved when a set of designated tasks has been completed by the player in Story Mode. The following list provides the specific requirements for achieving 100% completion.

Tracking Progress

If at any point you want to check on your progress for this achievement, pause your game and go to Progress > Total Completion

Missions And Events




  • Reach Level 10 Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye.
  • Achieve level 4 Bonding with your Horse.
  • Complete all 90 Challenges.


  • Investigate any 5 shacks.
  • Kill any 5 Legendary Animals.
  • Play each table game at least once.
  • Interact with 5 special characters.
  • Take a bath at least once. (Available in hotels)
  • Watch a show.
  • Watch a live show at the Theater.
  • Craft 1 recipe from six different category types.
  • Complete a Home Robbery, a Shop Robbery, a Coach Robbery and a Train Robbery.


  • Robbing a store by stealing from the cash register does not count as a shop robbery. Instead, the player must find one of the 4 stores that have a side business, and steal from there instead. For example, the Doctor's Office in Valentine has a gambling business in the backroom which can be inspected at the back of the building through the steel door. The player must then enter the store and coerce the cashier into leading them into the backroom, kill all the O'Driscolls there and rob the safe for the Shop Robbery to be completed. Side businesses can be found at the Doctor's Office in Valentine, the General Store in Strawberry, the Gunsmith at Rhodes and the Gunsmith at Saint Denis. The Valentine robbery will result in a shootout with lawmen (unlike the other 3) so the player is advised to be well-armed when robbing it.
  • Train Robberies do not necessarily require the player to rob passengers. Simply stealing a can of food at the back will count and is easier to do undetected, thus preventing law enforcement from getting involved.
  • The maximum level of Health, Stamina and Dead Eye a player can reach without completing the Challenges is 8. The extra two levels can only be obtained through the purchase of reinforced equipment from the trapper after completing certain Challenges.



Red Dead Redemption 2 - 100% Completion Scene

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