100% Completion is an accomplishment in Red Dead Redemption 2 that unlocks an achievement/trophy.


100% Completion is achieved when a set of designated tasks has been completed. The following list provides the specific requirements for achieving 100% completion.

Tracking Progress

If at any point you want to check on your progress for this achievement, pause your game and go to Progress > Total Completion

Missions And Events

  • Complete all 107 story missions required to finish the story
  • Complete 10 stranger mission strands
  • Complete 5 bounty hunter missions
  • Have 25 chance encounters
  • Survive a gang ambush
  • Clear all 6 gang hideouts


  • Find one point of interest
  • Find the 9 Graves of your fallen companions 
  • Collect a Complete Card Set of cigarette cards 
  • Complete "A Test of Faith"
  • Complete "A Fisher of Fish"
  • Complete "Duchesses and Other Animals"
  • Complete "Geology for Beginners"
  • Complete "A Better World, A New Friend"
  • Complete a treasure hunt chain 
  • Find all 20 Dreamcatchers 


  • Discover 50 animals by studying them
  • Discover 10 equipment items
  • Discover 10 fish species
  • Discover all Gangs
  • Discover 10 horse breeds
  • Discover 20 plant species
  • Discover 48 Weapons


  • Reach max health, stamina, and dead eye
  • Achieve level 4 Bonding with your Horse
  • Complete all 90 Challenges


  • Discover 5 shacks 
  • Kill 5 Legendary Animals
  • Play each table game once
  • Interact with 5 special characters
  • Take a bath (available in hotels)
  • See a show
  • See a live Theater Show
  • Craft 1 recipe from six different category types
  • Complete a Home Robbery, a Shop Robbery, a Coach Robbery, and a Train Robbery