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You? I knew it was gonna be a bad day.
Banks greeting Arthur

A.J. Banks is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.



A.J. Banks is a resident of the town of Rhodes and proprietor of the local general store there.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

When heading into town to buy supplies for the camp, Arthur Morgan and Sadie Adler will purchase said supplies from Banks under the alias of Mr. and Mrs. Kilgore.

Sometime between 1899 and 1907, Banks leaves the store to Simon Pearson as he ventures east to try his luck in other pursuits.



Banks generally appears as unfriendly, openly expressing dislike of his customers rather than kindly welcoming all of his customers like other shopkeepers. However, he seems to act more nicely towards his female customers, as seen when following Sadie Adler into his store in "Further Questions of Female Suffrage". Additionally, Jasper Feeney, the gunsmith, also states Banks is 'nice enough when you get to know him'.

Beside this, Banks is also shown to be impatient, constantly urging the player to leave istead of conversing with them if they are taking more time than usual.


A.J. Banks is a middle aged man with brown eyes, receding brown hair and a mustache. He always wears a plain white shirt alongside an orange vest and a beige full body apron. He also wears striped blue trousers and black shoes.

In his unseen 1907 appearance, he appears to have aged noticeably, now sporting a bushier mustache and more wrinkles on his face. His attire remains relatively unchanged, though Bank seems to have put on some weight.

Mission Appearance

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • He is the only shopkeeper that cannot be encountered in the Epilogue.
    • Despite this, he still has a 1907 model and Jasper Feeney will still mention him as the general store owner upon entering his gun store for the first time as John.
  • While shopping, Banks may state that his grandfather was an English aristocrat who probably would kill him if he was still alive and knew about Banks' current job status.