A Fisher of Fish is a Stranger mission in Red Dead Redemption II. The quest becomes available during Chapter 3.


Part I

Jeremy Gill, a self-proclaimed legendary fisherman, is found fishing off the dock after the Van der Linde gang moves to their new camp in Clemens Point. After he is approached, he asks if the player is interested in an autograph or photograph before leading them inside of his cabin to show off his livelihood - selling stuffed fishes. He gives the player a map of all Legendary Fish sites in the world and says he'll pay a handsome price for any that are sent his way.

The required fish are:

These two cannot be fished until the Epilogue:

The Legendary Northern Pike is not part of this mission.

Once all thirteen fish have been mailed to Jeremy, an invite to his cabin will be received in the mail.

Part II

Jeremy tells the player to help him on a fishing adventure: to catch a giant catfish in Rio Bravo. Upon arriving, Jeremy tells the player to photograph him landing the fish. An entire day passes fishing. Finally, at night, Jeremy gets a bite, and fights the fish vigorously, but is pulled under the water and never seen again. His hat and Special Spinner can be picked up by the player.

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