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A Fork in the Road is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Once Arthur arrives near the mission area, in Saint Denis, he starts coughing violently until he passes out. He wakes up to find a stranger dragging and helping him to the doctor's surgery, where he is greeted by a spooked receptionist, prompting her to call on Doctor Joseph R. Barnes, who brings him to his surgery room. Before he starts examining him, he asks for a payment in order to help him, which Arthur quickly gives.

After an examination of his ear, breathing, and mouth, Arthur is given the diagnosis of tuberculosis. Upon hearing the bad news, Arthur expresses disbelief, and the doctor tells him that he is very sick and that Tuberculosis is a progressive disease.

Before leaving, Dr. Barnes injects a syringe with steroids into Arthur's arm, in order to give him "a little bit more energy" for the day. Depending on the honor rating that Arthur has, he will see a deer/buck or a coyote/wolf after wandering around in Saint Denis for a while.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Complete within 3 minutes and 5 seconds.

Video walkthrough


  • Once this mission is completed, Arthur will be sick with tuberculosis for the remainder of his playthrough, which also reduces all of his cores by 20%.
  • Once Arthur’s sickness is revealed to be tuberculosis, Arthur will only gain a limited amount of benefits from Food and Drinks, meaning his cores will only refill from food and drink from a limited amount of provisions. Eating or drinking more will result in Arthur coughing and having a pop up reminding you of being sick. The only way to fully refill any cores if fully empty while sick is to rest or sleep.
  • Arthur will lose his stocky appearance and will have an underweight appearance even at perfect weight after this mission.
  • Depending on your honor rating (high or low), Arthur will be given different quotes in flashbacks, and the color scheme will change, as well as the animal that he sees in the end of the mission differing.
    • If Arthur's honor rating is high, the color theme will be golden yellow reflecting sunlight, the quotes in the flashbacks will be more positive about Arthur, and he will see a deer/buck at the very end of the mission.
    • If Arthur's honor rating is low, the color theme will be a silver grey reflecting a fog, the quotes in the flashbacks will be more negative about Arthur, and he will see a coyote/wolf at the very end of the mission.
  • During this mission, when Arthur discovers that he has tuberculosis, Dr. Barnes comforts him with the line that Arthur will remember on his final ride in the "Red Dead Redemption" mission if his honor is high: "I'm really sorry for you, son, it's a hell of a thing."
  • If Arthur does not have any money on him, the Good Samaritan will give him ten dollars so that he can pay for the doctor visit.
  • This is the only mission that isn't marked on the map. It is triggered when attempting to meet Sadie Adler for the mission "Icarus and Friends".
  • The name of the mission is a metaphor for a deciding moment in life or history, when a major choice of options is required.

Lines recalled in previous missions

High Honor

Low Honor


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