Let's just live this one from now on. You and me, Jack... a family, by law.
John Marston
John, I... I never... I didn't know it mattered to you.
Abigail Roberts

A New Future Imagined is the penultimate mission of the epilogue and overall storyline in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission Overview

John and Abigail go in to Blackwater to spend some quality time together. John has a question to ask her.


The mission starts with Abigail bickering with Uncle about his lousy work ethic. Abigail and John then decide they need to take a break from the farm and go out with each other for some alone time with each other. They go to Benjamin P. Lockhart's Photo Studio in Blackwater to take a photo, before entering the Imperial Theatre to view a "moving picture". Finally, John and Abigail borrow a canoe and row to the middle of the Blackwater lake, where John finally proposes to Abigail. Surprised, Abigail agrees to marry him and the two kiss.

The next morning, John leaves Abigail's bedside while she's asleep and then walks outside toward the fence to watch the sunrise.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Complete within 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

Mission Failure

The mission will fail if the player:

  • Assaults, kills, or abandons Abigail;
  • Spooks Abigail;
  • Alerts the law;
  • Attacks or kills their horse;
  • Dies.

Video Walkthroughs


  • Several aspects of this mission have similarities with Arthur Morgan's experiences:
    • John and Abigail going to the theater mirrors what Arthur and Mary Linton decide to do while they are together in Saint Denis.
    • John saying "It would make me very happy" is the same line that Arthur uses when urging Marston to run and find his family. Incidentally, this mission is based around John being with his family.
    • This mission ends with John on the ranch watching the sunrise, which is the final thing Arthur sees if he died with high Honor.


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