A Quiet Time is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission overview

Arthur takes Lenny for a quiet drink in Valentine to help calm him down after learning of Micah's arrest in Strawberry.


Lenny arrives back at camp with the news that Micah was arrested in Strawberry for murder and was facing death. Dutch instructs Arthur to rescue Micah and take Lenny into Valentine to calm him down. After arriving, the duo drink too much, and Arthur drunkenly stumbles around the saloon looking for Lenny. Arthur finds him upstairs, but soon loses him again and finds him being fought by two men. Arthur confronts the men, but ends up drunkenly dancing with the patrons of the bar. After urinating outside, Arthur returns to the bar, and finds Lenny. The two continue to party until lawmen confront them, leading to them fleeing. Arthur then wakes up just south of the camp but is very hung over and sick before he gags and vomits on the grass. He then returns to camp to find Lenny, who states he doesn't know what happened during their escape.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Try to make amends with an old rival.
  • Catch Lenny in the act.
  • Don't get arrested.

Video walkthrough


  • If the player fails to evade the lawmen at the end of the mission, Arthur and Lenny get arrested and landed in jail. The next morning, Lenny pays a deputy bail money and the two are released.
  • When Arthur looks for Lenny whilst extremely drunk, one of the misspellings of Lenny's name is "Lemmy", the name of the late frontman of English metal band Motorhead.
  • The man who annoys Arthur and Lenny at the beginning reappears in Gainful Employment


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