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A Short Walk in a Pretty Town is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. After completing this mission, Rhodes will temporarily be in lockdown.

Mission Overview

Arthur, Micah, Bill and Sean go to meet some of the Gray boys in Rhodes to discuss a security job.


Arthur meets the other three gang members in Rhodes for the “job”, although both he and Sean are deeply suspicious. Almost immediately, Sean is shot in the head and killed by a Gray sniper, resulting in a shootout between the remaining three outlaws and the Gray hired guns.

During the gunfight, Bill is captured by Sheriff Leigh Gray, meaning that only Arthur and Micah are left to fight. Both of them break into Gunsmith and use it as a cover. After the two come out victorious, they approach the Sheriff’s office and demand the release of Bill. Along with Archibald MacGregor and two other lawmen, the Sheriff comes out with a gun to Bill’s head, but is promptly shot in the head and killed by Arthur. In the next few seconds, Archibald and his two allies are subsequently gunned down by Arthur, or by Micah if the player isn’t quick enough.

With the gunfight over, Arthur reprimands Bill and Micah for their carelessness and expresses his affection for Sean, before asking Bill to give Sean a proper burial.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Kill 3 lawmen in Dead Eye while saving Bill.
  • Complete using only sidearms.
  • Complete within 4 minutes 30 seconds.
  • Get 20 headshots.
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items.


  • Sean MacGuire - Died from a gunshot to the head by a Gray hired gun sniper.
  • Leigh Gray - Killed by Arthur Morgan while holding Bill hostage.
  • Archibald MacGregor - Killed by either Arthur or Micah after exiting the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Jock Gray - Killed by either Arthur or Micah after exiting the Sheriff's Office.
  • Rhodes Lawmen and Gray hired guns - Killed by Arthur, Micah and Bill during the shootout.

Mission failure

The mission will fail if the player:

  • Assault, kills, or abandons Micah or Bill;
  • Allows Micah or Bill to be killed;
  • Dies.


Video Walkthroughs


  • When the mission becomes available, all shops in Rhodes will be closed temporarily. Players will be able to visit them again after completing the mission "The Battle of Shady Belle".
    • The Rhodes train station is also devoid of people. This serves as a sign of the incoming ambush by the Grays.
    • Sean's horse, Ennis, is not seen at the start of the mission, while Bill's and Micah's horses are present, serving as an implication that MacGuire will not make it out of the mission.
  • Shortly before the mission becomes available the player can observe Sean and Jack Marston in a random camp event in the Clemens Point camp that foreshadows that something bad is about to happen to Sean: Sean and Jack find a dead white rabbit to which Sean tells him that the rabbit is a sign, though he does not know of what.[1] A white rabbit is generally considered to be a symbol of good luck, while encountering a dead white rabbit portends that someone's luck has run out.[2]
  • It is impossible to disarm Sheriff Gray or any of the deputies during the standoff, since any accurate shot will kill them instantly.
  • Depending on Arthur's honor, he will say something different at the end of the mission.
    • If his honor is high, he will say that he misses Sean and that he was like an annoying little brother to him and that they had great fun riding together.
    • If Arthur's honor is low, he will say that Sean has been killed in an ambush and that there is still no sign of the confederate gold.



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