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|name = Abraham Marsh
|image =[[File:Abraham Marsh.jpg|300px]]
|gender = Male
|affiliations = Misc. Criminals
'''Abraham Marsh''' is a [[Multiplayer Characters|Multiplayer character]] featured in ''[[Red Dead Redemption]]''.
== Description ==
Abraham Marsh is one of the [[Miscellaneous Criminals|Misc. Criminals]] characters that can be selected in the [[Outfitter]]. His character model is unlocked upon reaching [[Redemption Multiplayer|Multiplayer]] Level 3.
*''"I got an idea; I kill you, rob you, then fuck your sister! Haha!"''
*''"Come on and smile, your momma always smiles".''
*''"You look like a puta so why don't I fuck you like a puta!"''
*''"I thought I killed you already - you putas all look the same".''
*''"You want to die now? Well, we start with some torture! Haha!"''
*''"Were your parents brother and sister?"''
*''"If I was that ugly, I'd kill myself."''
*''"Carajo, you would smell better dead for a week."''
*''"Whats wrong with your face? Come here and I'll make you a new one."''
*''"Your face looks like an old man's culo."''
*''"Oh yeah you, why don't you come and lick my cojones?"''
*'''"You smell obscene, you piece of shit!"''
*He shares a character skin with [[Arcadio Gamboa]].
*He wears the [[Bollard Twins Gang|Bollard Twins Gang's]] signature red kerchief.
*He bears a striking facial resemblance to [[Fernando Naranjo]].
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{{DEFAULTSORT:Marsh, Abraham}}
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