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Aguasdulces (Spanish for Sweet Waters) is a sugar plantation in Red Dead Redemption 2 on the island of Guarma.


The main part of Aguasdulces includes the estate of Colonel Fussar. It is enclosed by a stone fence and consists of a large manor around which there are several cages and stone ledges, a sugar factory, a dilapidated tower through which you can go to the caves, a mill, a several buildings, a barn and a well.

To the North of the estate there is a sugar cane plantation and numerous cabins for workers, which are patrolled by the Cuban Military. To the northeast is also a huge area of sugar plantations. To the West there is a small village.



The town of Aguasdulces was founded many years ago, and by the year 1899 had become the only significant settlement on the island of Guarma. It serves as the headquarters of Colonel Fussar.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Aguasdulces is first seen when Dutch and Arthur sneak into the town in search of Javier. They soon spot him being pulled by a donkey surrounded by Fussar and other soldiers. The pair quickly begins looking for a way to cause a distraction in order to rescue him and find it in the grain refinery. After killing the guards in the refinery, Dutch cuts up the bags of sugar and they blow up the furnace, causing extensive destruction. In the confusion, the pair runs in and grabs Javier before running off. Arthur halts on the other side of the Arroya de la Vibira river. Arthur holds off the soldiers while Dutch carries Javier away before following him.

After the Battle for Cinco Torres, Hercule, Micah, Dutch, and Arthur attack Aguasdulces with the goal of rescuing the ship captain being held captive by Fussar. Arthur breaks into the workers' cabin and finds the captain, before being held at gunpoint by Levi Simon. Dutch runs into the room and holds Simon at gunpoint, only for Fussar to enter and aim his gun at Dutch. Dutch and Arthur also both pull out their guns and aim them at Fussar. A Mexican standoff ensues until Arthur kicks his rifle to the ship captain who kills Simon. Fussar then flees the cabin and falls back to the port. The gang and Hercule then assault the port fortifications, and succeed in cutting through them. Then they realize that Fussar is commanding the last cannon guarding the port, and Arthur blows up the tower he is in and the gang board the ships in Aguasdulces, then departing the island.


  • The Aguasdulces plantation appears to be modeled off the Cuban Coffee Plantation La Isabelica. This plantation is opened to the public, and has been restored and rehabilitated into a museum.
  • In several ways, Aguasdulces is an antithesis to the town of Blackwater:
    • The two location's names have opposite meanings. Aguasdulces translates to "Sweet Waters", which can be seen as the opposite of "Blackwater".
    • Aguasdulces is shown to be an unpleasant location, with Fussar having absolute dictatorial control of the area. On the other hand, Blackwater is a relatively safe, and peaceful town where the local population goes about their daily lives mostly unmolested.