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The issue was Aiden O'Leary... who said he had the body. Aiden died in that flu epidemic and the bodies weren't even buried yet.

Seth Briars

Aiden O'Leary is a minor, deceased character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


O'Leary was once a friend of Seth Briars, by whom O'Leary was tasked to bury some bodies. At some point, Aiden acquired the flu, succumbed to his illness and died.


Aiden is not encountered by Marston in-game, only being mentioned by Seth that they were old friends during "A Gentle Drive with Friends".


  • Aiden O'Leary has a similar name to the Grand Theft Auto IV character "Aiden O'Malley," who also played a similar role in the plot.
  • Seth claims he always disliked O'Leary, unlike Moses Forth.
  • It was rumored that O'Leary had sexual relations with his own sister.