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(In Spanish) Men... I was just in America... do you know how they deal with striking workers there? Do you know? They shoot them! That is civilization. That is future. That is law and order and that is what we must bring to this place.
Alberto Fussar

Colonel Alberto Fussar is a major character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. He serves as the main antagonist of the game's fifth chapter.



At some point prior to 1899, Fussar became the ruler of Guarma and ran it under a quasi-military rule. Using his new power, he built up connections in the city of Saint Denis. Despite his controversial reputation of being flamboyant and cruel, he also became a close ally of Leviticus Cornwall, who described Fussar as “a great friend to America”, likely as a result of their business ties.[1]

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Saint Denis Chapter

Fussar makes a brief appearance at the mayor's party in Saint Denis. According to Angelo Bronte, he often visits the city in order to “whore and despoil himself”.

Guarma Chapter

Fussar is first seen in Guarma when Dutch and Arthur sneak into Aguasdulces. Here, they see him with a large group of his men, taunting, beating and dragging Javier by a donkey following his capture by the local military.

Fussar eventually discovers the gang's true identity and learns that they have a large bounty on their heads. He alerts the Cuban Navy and sets up gun batteries on the shore to stop them from leaving. Dutch, Micah, and Arthur, along with Hercule Fontaine, assault these batteries and then attack Aguasdulces to rescue the ship captain. Arthur bursts into the workers' cabin to rescue the captain but gets tackled by Levi Simon, Fussar's right-hand man. Simon holds Arthur at gunpoint, and is about to shoot him, when Dutch enters the room and holds Levi at gunpoint, only to, in turn, be held at gunpoint by Fussar himself. A standoff ensues, which is resolved when Arthur kicks a rifle over to the captain, who kills Levi with a shot to the chest. Fussar, however, manages to escape.

The gang then begins making their way to the ship, until they are attacked once again by Fussar, who is manning a gatling gun on a tower overlooking the port where their boat is docked. Knowing they won't be able to set sail while under the colonel's fire, Dutch and Hercule draw Fussar's fire as a distraction so Arthur can sneak towards a nearby cannon. Once he reaches it, Morgan fires the cannon at Fussar's tower, destroying it and killing Fussar in the process.

Mission appearances

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