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—'Alfie Scruggs'

Alfie Scruggs is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.



Alfie is a petty criminal and a known member of Walton's Gang.

Events of Red Dead Redemption

He can usually be found in and around the Armadillo Saloon, usually drinking or loitering with other members of Walton's Gang. If the player assaults the Twin Rocks hideout, Alfie, along with Perry Rose (Cooper Reed in Free Roam), will fire at him/her from the top of the rocks.

Scruggs can also be seen in a couple of random encounters. First, he and other gang members will be pursuing a fleeing stagecoach. If the player chooses to intervene and kill the coach drivers, Scruggs will personally thank them before the outlaws drive off with their prize. The second encounter involves Scruggs and other bandits forcing a supply wagon driver to hand over his goods on the side of the road. The player can earn Honor if they come to the aid of the robbery victim.

Events of Undead Nightmare

In Undead Nightmare, Alfie can be found defending the settlement of Twin Rocks alongside Dale Chesson and Rufus Higbee, where he is on the roof of the middle building. If Twin Rocks is saved and Alfie survives, he will stand around the firepit with the other survivors.

Mission Appearances


Alfie Scruggs greeting the player
Alfie Scruggs greeting the player
Watch it, mister!
Alfie Scruggs bumping into someone
So long!
Alfie Scruggs ending a conversation
Hey, blind boy!
Alfie Scruggs when the player bumps into him
I'm in bad shape!
Alfie Scruggs when injured
Shit or get off the pot already!
Alfie Scruggs during a gunfight
Are you gonna die now?
Alfie Scruggs during a gunfight
I'm tired of this shit!
Alfie Scruggs when drunk
Pull your peepers out of your dome!
Alfie Scruggs when the player bumps into him
This is the end!
Alfie Scruggs when injured
Mister, you're more meltier than a candy bar in the desert, hahaha!
Alfie Scruggs during a gunfight
Shut the pipe organ! Keep moving mister!
Alfie Scruggs during a wagon supply robbery
I think you tracked up this piece a land long enough!
Alfie Scruggs during a gunfight
Bunch a stories, every day!
Alfie Scruggs after hearing someone gossip
If that don't knock the croc!
Alfie Scruggs when a fight breaks out
If that don't beat cookies!
Alfie Scruggs when a fight breaks out
Holy heelbusters!
Alfie Scruggs when a fight breaks out
You're trembling worse than a shutter in a twister!
Alfie Scruggs during a fight
You've got your whirligigs on backwards!
Alfie Scruggs
Anytime you wanna take a look, you're mighty welcome!
Alfie Scruggs when spoken to with low honor
Thank you very much.
Alfie Scruggs thanking the player


  • His character model is available in the Outfitter under the name Knobby Tom Alwin.
  • He and Woody Swenson are the only members of Walton's Gang who aren't bounty targets.
  • He is one of the few criminals to say "hello," or "greetings," to both NPCs and Marston in Armadillo. He also engages in conversations with other civilian NPCs though Alfie himself does not have any conversational quotes, only greetings, responses, and a conversation ending and farewell quote each.
  • Alfie appears in the mission "The Sport of Kings, and Liars" as a contestant in the race. If he is killed, the mission will automatically fail, and he will not count as a Walton's Gang death.
  • Alfie, along with Link Huston, does not appear in the Venter's Place and Critchley's Ranch multiplayer hideouts.
  • During the Twin Rocks hideout in Free Roam, Alfie has taken Perry Rose's place on the left rock and Cooper Reed has taken his place on the right rock.
  • Alfie leads the "Supply Run" random encounter for Walton's Gang, which can be anywhere in the general Cholla Springs area. He will also usually be in charge of the "Fate of the Stagecoach" random encounter, assuming he holds a higher position in the gang.
  • Alfie has a small scar that cuts across his left eyebrow, which is more easily visible when he does not have his hat on.
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