Now my least favorite feature of poker: tellin' my wife.

Alfred Winlock

Alfred Winlock is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Little is known of Alfred's background. He mentions having a wife in conversation when gambling. In Undead Nightmare, Alfred mentions that his father was a butcher.


Red Dead Redemption

Alfred plays a minor role in the mission "You Shall Not Give False Testimony, Except for Profit", in which he is among the crowd that gathers around Nigel West Dickens. Eventually, he is convinced and purchases some of West Dickens' miracle tonic.

Alfred can most often be found playing poker at MacFarlane's Ranch, as well as the saloons at Blackwater and Thieves' Landing. He has also been known to frequent Armadillo, and can sometimes be seen helping out around Ridgewood Farm.

Undead Nightmare

In Undead Nightmare, Alfred can be found defending the settlement of Manzanita Post with a Double-Barreled Shotgun. If Manzanita Post is saved and Alfred survives, he will move to the top of the water tower with Willie Oats.

Alfred is also present within Fort Mercer. However, it is a safe zone and therefore he is safe from the undead hordes.

In a random encounter, he can sometimes be found at a campsite, acting as a cannibal.


We playin', or chewin' cud?
Alfred Winlock
How are ya?
Alfred Winlock greeting others.
You gonna feel ma fist!
Alfred Winlock in a fist fight.
This is gonna hurt!
Alfred Winlock during a fight
Holy hell!
Alfred Winlock when shocked
We need another sucker, are you a sucker?
Alfred Winlock inviting the player to a game of poker
Well, hello there. You sure have some fine meat on your bones.
Alfred Winlock during Undead Nightmare, when Marston rides past his camp
Come on, make yourself nice and cozy.
Alfred Winlock when the player doesn't sit down
Come on over you fine specimen of muscular development.
Alfred Winlock in Undead Nightmare
You're one strange fellow! What kind of person won't sit by my fire and eat my meat when I ask them?
Alfred Winlock  before opening fire on the player
Mmmm - the real elbow grease...
Alfred Winlock during Undead Nightmare
My dad was a butcher and my mom taught me all the different cuts of meat. But I tell you, it was the best meal of my life.
Alfred Winlock in Undead Nightmare
Sure, I have to blow a zombie's brain out which is a waste for them AND me, but you can't lose sleep over a trivial matter like that.
Alfred Winlock in Undead Nightmare


  • In the cannibal encounter in Undead Nightmare, he says "Dingle was a tubby one, so there's plenty to go around", implying "Dingle" may have been a Bruiser.
  • In Undead Nightmare, he can be heard stating that science has an answer and that "everything can be reasoned."

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