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Just try and take my head, okay? I'll take the marshal's other eye and both of yours.
Alfredo Montez to the protagonist

Alfredo Montez is a major character featured in Red Dead Online. He serves as the main antagonist of the Path of the Gunslinger.



Alfredo Montez is one of the leaders of the Del Lobo gang, and the brother of Jorge Montez and cousin of Carmella Montez, who are also members of the gang. He is wanted in four states and two countries for multiple crimes, including the murder of a family near Thieves' Landing.

Events of Red Dead Online

In 1898, U.S. Marshal Tom Davies meets with the protagonist's posse in Tall Trees and asks them to help him capture Alfredo. Davies and protagonists then ride to Manzanita Post, where Davies introduces them to Lee, who supposedly knows where Montez is hiding. Lee guides the protagonists through the wilderness, killing several Del Lobos along the way. They eventually reach Swadbass Point, where they find who Lee believes to be Alfredo and his men, and kill them all in a gunfight. However, upon bringing Alfredo's head to Davies, they learn that they actually killed his brother, Jorge.

Later, the Del Lobos seek retribution for Jorge's death, and hole up in Josie Dawson's saloon in Van Horn. Davies has the protagonists investigate both the saloon and a nearby camp in the hopes of finding Montez. After killing all gang members at both locations and finding no trace of Montez, the protagonists regroup with Davies, who learned that Montez is with a convoy that is traveling past Butcher Creek. After stopping the convoy and capturing Montez, the group takes him to Emerald Ranch.

Afterward, the protagonists are called to assist Davies in Valentine, which has been placed under lockdown due to an upcoming raid by the Del Lobos, who are looking to liberate Montez. After arguing with Sheriff Curtis Malloy, Davies swiftly executes Montez in his cell without trial, deeming him too much trouble to be kept alive. The protagonists, Davies, and citizens of Valentine subsequently manage to fend off the Del Lobos, and Davies covers up the truth about Montez's death, saying that he was killed during the chaos.

Following his death, the Del Lobos attempt to avenge him and capture both Davies and Sheriff Sam Freeman in Tumbleweed. Though both lawmen are set to be hung in his place for their actions against the gang, they are ultimately rescued by the protagonist and their posse.

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