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Algie Davison is a minor character in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Algie Davison is a fisherman and has a son named Nate. He and his son live around Catfish Jacksons. He became a gambling addict and alcoholic. His drunkenness lead him to become abusive, which caused his wife to leave the family. Algie owes money to Leopold Strauss.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

If player decides to rob his father's house instead of doing the mission for Leopold Strauss, he is seen arguing with his son. Nate complains about not having food for days and Algie tells his son to get a job. Nate claims that he will either gamble or waste the money. He will slap Nate and Nate tells him that is the reason why his mother left. Nate will notice the player and alert his father. After defeating Algie, Nate will beg Arthur to not to kill him and that the money is in the chimney.

Money Lending and Other Sins V

Algie Davison is seen sitting against a log and drinking near the lake. When Arthur arrives at his home, Davison is annoyed that Arthur is here to collect his payment for his loan. Davison tells him that he has the money and offers to give him a drink. When inside the house he orders his son, Nate to pour them a drink and looks under the cabinet for the money. Davison will pull out a box that has the money and his son will tell that he has gotten the drinks ready. If Arthur decides to take the box money from him, however there is no money, instead he will pull out a knife to stab Arthur. If Arthur accept the drink he will try to choke Arthur, but fails and a fight will ensue. The fight ends with Algie's defeat, either by being knocked unconscious, hogtied, or even killed. Afterwards, Arthur goes to ask Nate where the money is and Nate will pay the player for his father's debt.



Algie is drunken man, as he often lays around his property and doesn't try to move past it, despite his son's protests. He will subject his son beatings when he tries to change him.

Despite this treatment, he loves his son Nate as he will break down crying if the player kills Nate because he is the only relative he has. When the player comes back later, Algie will be sitting and drinking in his chair, breaking down over how he could have prevented his son's fate, lamenting "I couldn't keep your momma, and I couldn't protect you" and "I should be the one dead, not you". If Nate is killed he will become vengeful to the player over the death of his child and attempt to kill them should they return.


Mission appearances


  • The player can kill him, tie him up or knock him out. Knocking him out or killing him will cause his son to plead for his father to answer that he is alive. whilst hiding in his room
  • The player can rob him instead of doing the debt collecting mission.
  • Even if Arthur doesn't kill him he'll still be dead by the time of the Epilogue, with Nate becoming a drunkard like his father.
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