Who do you think you are, boyo? The bloody cavalry?

Welsh, upon meeting John Marston

Alwyn Lloyd, a.k.a. "Welsh," is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.



Welsh is a small-time crook, and is characterised as unkempt, aggressive and witless. According to Irish, he met Welsh along with French on the boat to America, and were "thick as thieves", literally.

Events of Red Dead Redemption

Welsh and his accomplice, French, are in the middle of torturing Irish by holding him face-down in a water trough. They accuse Irish of stealing their horses, and demand retribution. Irish claims he is innocent and that it was French who stole the horses, although this is never proven. The trio are interrupted by John Marston, sent by Nigel West Dickens to enquire with Irish about weaponry to assault Fort Mercer. Marston attempts to talk the pair out of killing Irish, but they turn hostile, forcing Marston to kill them in self-defence.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption


  • "Welsh" is a nickname, similar to Irish and French, which demarcates his Welsh heritage, also indicated by his accent.
  • A death notice appears for Welsh in the Blackwater Ledger. His real name is given as "Alwyn Lloyd".
  • John Marston asks in his conversation with Irish after the incident "Who were those two fine specimens of humanity?" In which Irish then proceeds to tell Marston "They was me only friends in the world. And boy am I glad to see them bastards dead."
  • There is a river in Wales called the Afon Llwyd, which more than likely was the inspiration for Welsh's real name.
  • Welsh cannot technically be disarmed, as even shooting the knife will cause Welsh to die. However, if the player is quick enough or has the "Invincibility" cheat activated, the player may punch Welsh to knock him out. He will drop his knife, but will still follow the player around Armadillo attempting to engage in a fist fight.
  • He appears to have several teeth missing.


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