The Amazing Inventions Card Set is a collectible set of Cigarette Cards players may put together in Red Dead Redemption 2. Mailing the set to Phineas T. Ramsbottom awards Volatile Dynamite and $100.


Name Location State Notes
Steam Locomotive 1814 - George Stephenson Abandoned Church Lemoyne Due east of Bolger Glade lies an abandoned church. On the upper landing, which requires sprinting and jumping, is a bird's nest containing the card.
Camera 1814 - Joseph Nicephore Niepce Saint Denis Lemoyne Found in the building just south of the Photo Studio on the balcony.
Electrical Execution Apparatus 1888 - H.P. Brown A. Kennelly Hanging Dog Ranch West Elizabeth Under the upstairs bunk bed in the house.
Typewriter 1829 - W.A. Burt Blackwater West Elizabeth West of the Post Office, on a barrel next to the warehouse door.
Revolver 1836 - Daniel Buck Annesburg New Hanover In back of the gunsmith on a table. Note this can only be acquired after accepting the "Smoking and Other Hobbies" mission.
Telegraph 1837 - Samuel Morse Van Horn Trading Post New Hanover On a bench of the stagecoach near the abandoned train station to the northwest.
Manned Glider 1893 - Charles Kinnear Caliga Hall Lemoyne On a workbench in the middle of the barn, centrally located in the area.
Dynamite 1866 - Alfred Nobel Shady Belle Lemoyne On the back porch of the mansion.

(will not appear in chapter 4)

Cylinder Phonograph 1877 - Thomas Edison Valentine New Hanover At Smithfield's Saloon, on the windowsill facing the street.
Player Piano 1829 - Edward Leveaux Saint Denis Lemoyne On the piano inside the Bastille Saloon.
Electric Light Bulb 1876 - Thomas Edison Doverhill New Hanover On a crate near the back door of the facility.
Fountain Pen 1884 - Lewis Waterman Pleasance Lemoyne On a desk in the abandoned schoolhouse.


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