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Ambarino is one of the five American territories in Red Dead Redemption 2 and also the highest elevated place. [1][2]


The territory is characterized by mountains, spots of water, and steep cliffs. Most of the area is covered in dense snow, frozen bodies of water, and glaciers. It is one of the few regions that are untamed and unexplored due to the sparse number of inhabitants living in the area.

Ambarino is a massive area divided into two constituent regions: Grizzlies East and Grizzlies West. Between the two divisions, Grizzlies West is the more dangerous territory to explore due to its area being surrounded by mountain ranges. Grizzlies East, on the other hand, is rockier and more forested, with sparse snow cover and an isolated Indian reservation situated in the area. 

This is the territory where the player first begins the game following the journey in the opening cinematic. Unlike the original game, the player is limited to West Grizzlies up until the next chapter because of persistent blizzards obstructing further exploration.


RDR2 Ambarino

Map of the Southwestern US as shown in-game, with Ambarino highlighted in red.

The region borders Big Valley to the southwest, The Heartlands and Cumberland Forest to the south by Dakota River and Roanoke Ridge to the northeast.

Crossing the region is often perilous and challenging as the area is mostly isolated and teeming with deadly wildlife especially wolves and bears. The land is unsuitable for settlement due to the occasional snowstorms and impenetrable geography. As such, there is a noticeable lack of permanent settlements, barring the abandoned mining town Colter in the northwestern part of the region and the Wapiti Indian Reservation, located farther northeast towards Cumberland Forest.

In Grizzlies West, snow covers the entire region. Snow-capped mountains, mostly impassable, rests within the area. It is one of the highly elevated regions in the game. Temperatures in this region are generally sub-zero.

In Grizzlies East, the region is more forested than Grizzlies West. However, there is a lack of snow cover.

Ambarino is clearly based on the Rocky Mountains, especially Colorado, though geographically speaking, it could also be a counterpart to North Arkansas, with New Hanover being South Arkansas. 


Red Dead Redemption 2

The game's opening cinematic begins with Arthur Morgan and the rest of the Van der Linde gang arriving in the region after being chased out by lawmen in Blackwater. Morgan and the gang shelter in Colter, northern Ambarino in Grizzlies West, waiting for the blizzards to subside. The gang will leave the area during "Eastward Bound".

The gang will visit the territory again in Chapter 6, where they help the Wapiti Indians fight against Colonel Favours army at Fort Wallace. Morgan will also visit the Wapiti Indian Reservation to help Rain Falls and Captain Monroe.

The territory is visited one last time during the final epilogue mission where the remaining Van der Linde gang locate Micah Bell in Mount Hagen, and avenge Morgan's death as well as the the disbandment of the original gang.

Locations in Ambarino

Grizzlies West

Grizzlies East


  • Ambarino is the only American state without any towns or cities (however, it used have one in the form of Colter, before it was abandoned).
  • The gunslinger Flaco Hernandez can be found in Grizzlies West, Ambarino, as part of the stranger mission “The Noblest of Men, and a Woman”.


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