Officially, to help our Latin brethren in their time of need. Unofficially, to get the hell out of here before things get any worse. See what we can steal down there.
American Army Captain

The American Army Captain is a character in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known about his background. However, he has been sent to help deal with the undead invasion.


He is seen in the mission American Imperialism. After being saved with his team by John Marston, they head for the border in a train. When they hit the border, the bridge has debris blocking it. The Captain orders the team to clear it, but they get attacked by a horde of undead. During this, he called the mission "suicide" and proclaimed that it's "every man for himself" and retreats.

He is not seen again but has most likely been killed.


"Come on!"
"At the back!"
"Hold the perimeter!"
"Conserve your ammo!"
"Look out, they are on the train!"
"They are gettin' on board. Gun 'em down!"
"Look out, there's more of 'em!"
"Make sure they are dead!"
"Don't let 'em get too close!"
"We're ready to move, everybody back on the train."
"You did real good soldier."
"These degenerates are only good at whoring and drinking."

"Let's roll out!"

"God willing."
"Officially, to help our Latin brethren in their time of need. Unofficially, to get the hell out of here before things get even worse. See what we can steal down there."
"Reload, here come more of 'em!"
"What's that up ahead?!"
"Road block!"
"Alright, everyone of you clowns, get down and clear the debris off of the track. Let's go, let's go!"
"Come on, we ain't got all day!"
"........ Fight, fight, fight!!!"
"Get back here and fight! What are you, yellow?!"
"Here come more of the bastards! Open fire!"
"This is suicide, run, every man for himself!"
"This is suicide, retreat!"


  • He has a similar rank and strikingly similar appearance to the American Army Captain and Jan Booth, though his mustache is longer.
  • When you first board the train, his conversation with you will be about going to Mexico. If you get killed and have your conversation again, it will be about killing Dutch.
  • He is similar in appearance to the multiplayer character Jan Booth.
  • He will sometimes throw Fire Bottles at the undead while on the train.
  • He is quite possibly a career officer since he leaves his men to do most of the fighting and work, and acts somewhat cowardly when fighting alongside his men during their suicidal last stand.

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