American Fathers I is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission Overview

Dutch mentioned that the gang might be able to help Evelyn Miller with lobbying officials in Saint Denis on behalf of Rains Fall, the Native American Chief.


After seeing Rains Fall, Eagle Flies and Evelyn Miller at Saint Denis Mayor Henri Lemieux's party, Arthur visits them. They discuss the current situation among the Wapiti Indians, believing that Leviticus Cornwall's acquisition of their reservation may be illegal and that this could be proven by certain documents, which, in turn, would stop Cornwall's plans for it altogether. In order to obtain the incriminating documents, Arthur agrees to meet Eagle Flies outside of Cornwall Kerosene & Tar in due course.


This mission is a cutscene to introduce the player to Rains Fall, Eagle Flies, and the wider plight of the Wapiti Indians.

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