The American Wild Flowers are exotic plants found in Red Dead Online. Together, the nine plants create the American Wild Flowers Collectible set which can be sold to Madam Nazar for $155.50, exclusive to players who have the Collector Role.

Collectible Plants

Plant Description Image
Agarita A shrub formed of sharped, pointed leaves and clusters of yellow flowers, Agarita prefers dry soil and rocky slopes and produces sweet red berries.
Agarita RDO
Bitterweed With short leaves and small yellow flowers, hardy Bitterweed can be found growing well in disturbed, arid soils.
Bitterweed RDO
Blood Flower A striking evergreen plant with cymes of vibrant orange-red flowers, the Blood Flower thrives in swampy ground.
Blood Flower RDO
Cardinal Flower A herbaceous plant often found growing by banks and swamps, the Cardinal Flower can be easily distinguished by its rich red blossoms.
Cardinal Flower RDO
Chocolate Daisy With yellow ray florets and a distinctive cocoa fragrance, the Chocolate Daisy can be found in grasslands, often in spots with ample sunlight.
Chocolate Daisy RDO
Creek Plum With bitter stone fruits and clusters of white blossoms, the Creek Plum shrub grows well in limestone woodland soil, by creeks and in valleys.
Creek Plum RDO
Texas Bluebonnet With a tall plume of blue flowers and a sweet scent, Texas Bluebonnets thrive on rocky, poor soils and can survive regular droughts.
Texas Bluebonnet RDO
Wild Rhubarb A tough perennial with large leaves and vibrant red stalks, Rhubarb prefers to grow in open, sunny ground.
Wild Rhubarb RDO
Wisteria A resilient climbing vine with purple flowers in scented pendants, Wisteria prefers well-drained soil and can often be found in woodlands.
Wisteria RDO


Red Dead Online - All American Wild Flowers Locations

Red Dead Online - All American Wild Flowers Locations

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