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Red Dead Redemption
Bounty Target

Americus Roe
Rdr americus roe square
Gender Male
Wanted Poster Location Transitory
Affiliations Unaffiliated criminals
Weapon Double Action Revolver
Evans Repeater
Schofield Revolver
Double-barreled Shotgun
Henry Repeater
Wanted Poster
Rdr americus roe
Dead Alive
$300 $600

Try to keep an eyeball on my blade.
Americus Roe

Americus Roe is a minor character and a bounty target featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Americus Roe is a Criminal wanted for murder and can be captured or killed depending on the player's choice.

He wears a duster coat, a dark hat and a bandolier. This outfit depicts him as an experienced gunslinger.


Americus can most often be encountered in Armadillo and Manzanita Post, where he plays Five Finger Fillet. He can be encountered during the Tumbleweed gang hideout in Free Roam, though he will be hostile.


Wanna try a game of Five Finger Fillet?
Americus Roe
You got lucky.
Americus Roe
You ain't no fighter.
Americus Roe in a fistfight
I'm gonna get you, you hear?
Americus Roe after being captured
You fucking asshole, I'll kill you!
Americus Roe after being captured
You ain't gonna bring me in, you wait!
Americus Roe after being captured
Americus Roe in a fistfight
I'm gonna gun you down, you gun shy cocksucker!
Americus Roe during a gunfight


  • Americus looks similar to Wesley Allen, but Americus has a Duster Coat and he wears a hat while Wesley doesn't.
    • Americus' wanted poster seems to depict the likeness of Wesley Allen, rather than himself. Wesley, however, does not have a bounty.
  • He has one of the highest bounties in the game at $300 or $600 dollars respectively. This also goes for Hestor Frith, Kent Gallaway, Melvin Spinney, and Zebedee Nash.
  • He does not appear in Tumbleweed in singleplayer.


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