Amos Bell is a minor character mentioned in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Amos Bell is the brother of Micah Bell. It is heavily implied that they once ran together as outlaws, possibly along with their father. In Amos' letter, it is revealed that they had a falling out, mostly due to Amos' new family and that Amos wants nothing to do with Micah, threatening to kill Micah if he’s within 50 miles of him. Despite this, he does say in his letter that it’s not because he doesn’t "love" Micah, implying that their relationship is more complicated. Amos got married at some stage, and moved out to the coast of California with his wife and daughters.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Amos never appears in-game and is only mentioned in the letter he sends to Micah at Shady Belle, and occasionally by Micah in campfire stories. Micah openly states that he despises both Amos and his wife, while also saying that he nearly killed Amos once. Micah describes him as a "spineless version of me", as well as a "fool" and a "coward".


  • While unconfirmed, Amos is likely younger than Micah, as the tradition of naming one's child after the parent is usually reserved to the person's firstborn.


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