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Amos Lancing

Amos Lancing is a major character and one of the main antagonists featured in Red Dead Online.



Amos Lancing is a wealthy and well-respected landowner who was a business associate of Philip LeClerk. At some point before 1898, he married Grace Brown, who became friends with Jessica LeClerk.

Events of Red Dead Online

After Teddy Brown's death, Amos Lancing decides to meet with Jessica LeClerk in Blackwater. He eventually arrives with his guards and greets Jessica. During their meeting, Amos states that he misses her husband and feels bad about his death. He claims that he had nothing to do with her husband’s death and agrees with her that Teddy Brown deserved to die.

Amos then informs her of a supposed agreement he made with her husband that in the event of one of them dying, the other would inherit the business in exchange for a nominal sum. Jessica accuses Amos of lying and Amos states that she signed the agreement last year. He states the signed document is with Jeremiah Shaw and that she will only be able to inherit $500 dollars worth of her husband’s property. Jessica knows that her husband’s property is worth more than that amount and is furious at Amos. Jessica opens her purse to get her gun and shoots Amos in the chest. Amos quickly succumbs to his wounds and dies on the street.

With the documents detailing the agreement revealed to be forged shortly after, Amos' plot is foiled and his wife is left widowed. However, due to her actions, Jessica is branded an outlaw and is forced to go on the run with Horley.



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