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Angelo Bronte, A Man of Honor is a mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mission Overview

Arthur, John, and Dutch head to Angelo Bronte's mansion to get Jack back. Angelo Bronte asks the gang to clear out the local graveyard in return for Jack.


Arthur meets Dutch and John in the park, across the street from Angelo Bronte's house. After approaching the gates, Dutch grabs a guard and orders him to summon Bronte. Afterwards, they are let in, and the group meet Bronte. After a brief argument between Dutch and Bronte, Bronte expresses his fondness for Dutch, due to Dutch's use of words to make the group appear innocent. After a short discussion, Arthur and John agree to go out and kill some grave-robbers, while Dutch stays behind to talk with Bronte. Arthur and John arrive and the graveyard and find the robbers, killing them. They find their stash, but before they can leave a number of lawmen arrive. John and Arthur sneak around them, eventually getting out of the graveyard, and they return to Bronte's mansion. Dutch is seen with Jack outside, and the group ride back to camp, with Jack talking fondly of his time at the Bronte mansion, with John relieved he was treated well. After arriving at camp, the gang greet Jack and a party is thrown to celebrate his return.

During the celebration, players will be unable to do most activities or save the game. This is highly problematic for players who wish to exit the game during celebrations, as it is likely to result in players losing their progress.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Encounter the dog and the drunk.
  • Don’t get spotted by the law.
  • Complete within 10 minutes and 40 seconds.
  • Get 4 headshots.


  • A number of grave-robbers, killed by Arthur and John


  • Jack mentions the Italian word "pantafòla", a kind of slipper, as one of the things he learnt. However, the actual word in Italian is "pantòfola", with Jack mispronouncing it, most likely due to his young age. He also says the same thing for the word "cavallo" (horse), but mispronounces it as the Spanish "ca-VAH-yo" rather than the Italian "ca-VAH-lo".
  • During the part of the mission where Arthur and John are searching for the grave robbers in the cemetery, an old woman in a black dress can be seen wandering around the graveyard. It is possible to hogtie and loot her, however she cannot be killed.
  • This mission has one of the most common exploits used by players to explore New Austin before the epilogue, both during and after mission completion. However the glitch that allows for exploration after replaying the mission only works on version 1.0.0.
    • It is also recommended caution when exploring Blackwater, as policemen still spawn despite the absence of Pinkertons, and alerting them shall incur in mission failure and also loss of all progress until there.
    • Aside from policemen and a few animals, almost no other character will spawn around, the weather will be always foggy and it will always be nighttime.
  • It is impossible to save the player's progress until after the party is over, unless Arthur goes to sleep or leaves the area.
  • After Arthur arrives at the cemetery, he will automatically be equipped (on console) with a Lancaster Repeater and a Bolt Action Rifle.


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