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You gone made my day! What a fine romantic you is!
Ann Stephenson

Ann Stephenson[1] is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption. She plays a part in the Stranger side-mission "Who Are You to Judge?".



Ann has some shadows of Annie StoakesBonnie MacFarlane, and Sadie Adler in her appearance and personality. Like Bonnie, she clearly enjoys her sardonic sense of humor, coupled with relentless teasing. She also appears to be a "headstrong woman working in a man's world," as she is both armed and wearing more masculine clothes.

It is implied that she might be an outlaw or bandit of sorts, as she is in Tumbleweed and claims to have "taken" Lucy, a horse, from Jeb Blankenship. She also implies her boyfriend was an outlaw, as she states he was killed by a lawman. She doesn't seem to mind going with Marston to return Lucy, however. She remains in Rathskeller Fork after the completion of "Who Are You to Judge?".

Events of Red Dead Redemption

Marston will find her in the stables near Tumbleweed, grooming a horse. He will immediately assume she is Jeb's "love" whom he has been sent to retrieve. She corrects him by revealing that Jeb's love, Lucy, is, in fact, the horse by which she's standing. She frequently expresses her amusement at Marston's confusion, much to his chagrin. She can be killed after the stranger mission is completed.


  • After the completion of "Who Are You to Judge?", she will become an enemy if the player steals Lucy.
  • She has been seen with a prostitute in the Rathskeller Fork bar, implying she may be homosexual, though this may be only a bug in the game.
  • She appears to be familiar with people with zoophilia, claiming her father kept goats.
  • After the mission is completed, she will enter the room next to the Rathskeller Fork safehouse, sit down on the bed and can talk to Marston. She will do nothing else unless assaulted.



  1. Her name is revealed in the audio files, as the file that contains her in-game dialogue is named "ann_stephenson01.awc".

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