Anthony Foreman is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. Furthermore, he can be encountered in Red Dead Online as a quest giver.



Anthony Foreman is a leader of the Foreman Brothers gang. He wants to get revenge on Tilly Jackson for killing his cousin in the past and abandoning the gang.

Events of Red Dead Online

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Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Anthony is seen arguing and harassing Tilly in Valentine. Arthur will intervene and Anthony will leave Tilly.

Later on, Anthony and his gang track down Tilly and kidnap her, holding her at a place called Radley's House. When Arthur and Susan Grimshaw arrive at the place to rescue Tilly. Grimshaw will kill the lone Foreman Brothers gang member outside with a knife. Arthur will enter the house and kill the two gang members guarding Tilly. Tilly states to the duo that Anthony believes he owns her and went out hunt or doing something with his gang. Anthony and two gang members flee when Arthur and the others exit the back door of the house.

Tilly asks Arthur and Susan to capture Anthony and that one riding in front is Anthony. Arthur with Susan pursue Anthony and his gang. After the gang members are defeated, Susan tells Arthur not to kill him but capture him so that Tilly can face him. Arthur lassos Anthony off his horse, hogties him, and brings him back to Radley’s House. When they arrive back to the house, Arthur cuts the ropes off his legs and holds a knife against his neck. Tilly argues with Anthony. She tells him that his cousin deserved to die and tells him to leave her alone. He promises her that he will leave her alone and Tilly leaves. Susan tells Arthur that it's his choice whether to spare or to kill him.

If Arthur spares him then some years later the Saint Denis Police Department puts a bounty on him being captured alive, he becomes popular in the Saint Denis slums where he's hiding out. John Marston eventually takes the bounty and delivers Anthony to a Saint Denis jail cell.

Mission appearances


  • If Anthony is spared, it states on his wanted poster that he is the former leader of the gang he later discusses that he left the gang shortly after the events of No, No, and Thrice, No.

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