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Antoinette Sanseverino is a minor character in Red Dead Redemption 2 and a performer at the Vaudeville Theater.


Antoinette Sanseverino is fire breather that performs at the Theatre Raleur. Aldridge T. Abbington states that found her in a jungle of Colombia and he once tried to woo her, but managed to elude his effort that she set his topcoat on fire.


In her first performance she will light a torch and will grab the fire in her hand. She then place back to the torch and the torch splits into two. She then swallows fire into her mouth. She then start blowing fire on stage and for her finale she blows above the audience's heads.

If the player antagonizes her during her finale, she will lose concentration. She burns a man hat and causes a small fire on stage. She is embarrassed and runs off stage. Abbington will get on stage and extinguish the fire by stomping on it.

In the second performance, she will dance and have a ring of fire around her torso with two torches.

In the third performance, she will be doing tricks with a pole on fire and she and blows fire in the air.


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