Refills horse stamina.

–In-game description

An Apple is a consumable item found in Red Dead Redemption.


Apples are extremely useful in situations when the horse's stamina has dropped because it instantly and completely refills stamina. This comes in handy when racing, running from the law, or the player's horse is exhausted. Apples have the same use as horse pills except horse pills have a temporary boost.

Note: prices listed on this page are based upon the player having neutral honor and playing the game on Normal difficulty. If the player has high honor, the selling price will be Increased by 50% everywhere except Thieves' Landing. Low Honor decreases selling price by 50% everywhere except Thieves' Landing. While playing the game on Hardcore difficulty, money is more scarce and the base, neutral honor price of each item will be slightly lower.


The player can purchase apples at many general stores and doctor's offices. They can also be looted from corpses or found in chests. Up to five apples can be carried at one time, ten with the Treasure Hunter's satchel. It can be used by opening up the satchel and selecting the apple.


  • Strangely, apples can be given to the horse while riding them, which in real life would slow the horse almost to a stop, so it can eat.

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