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Appleseed Timber Company is a logging camp in Red Dead Redemption 2 in the Big Valley region of the West Elizabeth territory.

The location is used as logging area. Workers can be found near the tents; a handcar can also be found at the train tracks.


When the player first visits the company the foreman is worried about not having enough supplies for the men and asks the player if he has some and will pay the player for the items.

Later, the player may stumble upon workers complaining about wolves to their foreman. Their foreman then asks the player if he wants to assist the foreman with keeping the wolves off the property. After killing the wolves the foreman will pay the player $50 dollars.

Another encounter is where a tree falls on a worker and is trapped. A bunch of workers rush to his aide and the player can help the men remove the tree from the trapped worker. The foreman will thank the player.

If the player offered to help the father and two son with supplies for building the house near Valentine, the player can ask the foreman for wood and the foreman is willing to give the player wood due to their help.


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