You ain't leaving here alive!

Aquila is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Aquila is a heavily built man who works at Ridgewood Farm. He is skeptical and highly suspicious, and cannot stand being proven wrong.


Aquila is one of the witnesses of Nigel West Dickens' "miracle tonic". During West Dickens' presentation at Ridgewood Farm, who is using John Marston to perform amazing feats which he says are given to him by the elixir.

Aquila, unlike the crowd, is skeptical towards the elixir and doesn't agree that Marston has performed any miracle, and challenges John to shoot his hat out of the air. When John does so, Aquila becomes angry and challenges John to a fistfight. When Aquila loses the bout, he draws his gun, scaring the crowd, but is promptly disarmed by John.

John's ability to overcome any challenge Aquila throws at him causes the crowd to buy and drink large quantities of West Dickens' elixir. Aquila is then seen joining the crowd near the table of elixirs saying, "No harm in trying one bottle, I suppose.", showing that he has also been convinced by John.


You can fool these people, but you ain't foolin' me!
Hey! Hey! What? You think you can just put a hole in a man's hat and just walk away? Do ya?!
Aquila threatening Marston
C'mon! Are you a man or not?
Aquila challenging Marston to fisticuffs

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption


  • Aquila's friend seen in the mission's cutscenes is Earnest Seahorn.
  • "Aquila" means "eagle" in both Latin and Italian.


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