The Arabian is a horse breed in Red Dead Redemption 2. Arabians tend to have higher attributes overall, with superior reactivity and agility.


Arabian horses are a superior class, often kept by wealthy owners. Identified by their dished head and high tail carriage, Black and Rose Bay are purchasable, while a rare White coat can be discovered. A fiery temperament makes them hard to train but, once broken, they handle well and remain loyal. Their great Health and Stamina, with good Speed and Acceleration, make them perfect endurance horses.


Arabian Location RDR2

White Arabian location

The White Arabian (which despite its name, is actually a light grey as it has black skin rather than pink) is one of the rarest mounts and can only be caught in the wild, located due west of Lake Isabella in the northwest of Ambarino. The Black Arabian can either be obtained from a random event outside the Theatre Râleur at night, or it can be purchased at the stable in Saint Denis after completing the fourth chapter and by technicality, "Fleeting Joy" in the fifth chapter. The Rose Grey Bay Arabian can be purchased from the stable in Blackwater during or after the epilogue.

Coat styles

Coat Base Value (in $) Health Stamina Speed Acceleration Source
Black 1050.00 6 6 6 6 Saint Denis stable
Rose Grey Bay 1250.00 7 7 6 6 Blackwater stable
White 1200.00 5 5 6 6 Wild
Red Chestnut 250.00 3 4 5 4 Red Dead Online only

Special variants

The Count

The horse of Dutch van der Linde throughout 1899. This horse has an "Albino" coat, and is loved deeply by Dutch. In a conversation with Charles, Arthur remarks "I don’t know what Dutch would do if something happened to The Count" and says how the horse will only take Dutch, adding that he got bucked "faster than a bull" when he once tried to ride it. Furthermore, this horse is extremely skittish and won’t even allow the player to pat it.


  • Despite the game listing The Count's coat as "Albino", horses cannot be albino.
  • The Count has the same stats as the White Arabian.

Video Overview

Red Dead Redemption 2 Horses - Arabian Overview

Red Dead Redemption 2 Horses - Arabian Overview



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