Archibald MacGregor is a supporting character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Archibald MacGregor is a resident of the town of Rhodes in Lemoyne. A supporter of the Gray family, Archibald first worked on the land at Caliga Hall, before serving as a deputy under Sheriff Leigh Gray. He also mentions he had an uncle, named Reginald, who, despite being the town's sheriff and preacher, was an alcoholic. Archibald also mentions that he has an aunt who he visited in Paris in 1878, as well as a cousin named Webster.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Archibald first encounters Arthur when a group of criminals that he and Sheriff Gray captured broke free from the back of their prison wagon. He and Arthur ride after them, where Arthur deals with those on the train before knocking the leader unconscious. After doing so, they bring him back to the sheriff’s office, while Archibald gives Arthur a tour of Rhodes. Leigh Gray and Archibald invite Dutch and Arthur to visit and help them again some time.

Archibald next comes into the picture when the sheriff sends him, along with Bill, Dutch and Arthur, to attack a Lemoyne Raider moonshining operation. This is successful, and Archibald later tells the gang members that it is customary for the law to take and drink the moonshine for themselves, rather than destroying it.

Archibald is next seen in the gunfight in Rhodes, in which he is slain. When Arthur and Micah confront Leigh Gray after the shootout in Rhodes, Archibald stands alongside Sheriff Gray, and can be killed by Arthur if the player wishes. Otherwise, Micah kills him instead.


Archibald is shown to be a very welcoming person, happily giving Arthur a tour of Rhodes upon arrival, as well as the area’s history.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • Archibald is the first character to describe in detail the nature of the relationship between the Braithwaite family and the Lemoyne Raiders, as he notes that the two groups are "in business" with each other.
  • If Arthur gets arrested in Rhodes then there may be a cutscene where Archibald teases him by telling him that he will be hanged for his crimes before Dutch breaks him out. This can be seen in the official gameplay video.


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