Armadillo Saloon is a saloon featured in Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2.


Red Dead Redemption

One of the most popular buildings in Armadillo, it holds many characters, such as Walton's Gang, Lawmen, and prostitutes. The bartender is Dewey Greenwood.

Marston may be offered to drink for $2, but it is free if the Sailor's side was chosen in the stranger mission "The Prohibitionist". Marston may own a room upstairs for $50, $25 if honor is high enough. Marston may also play poker for $100 and can win up to $800.

"Exodus in America" and "Political Realities in Armadillo" are the two missions that be triggered here.

Red Dead Redemption 2

A simple saloon here thirsty travelers can get out of the heat. You can drink beer and whiskey here.[1]


Downstairs holds a bathroom, which can be used often by townsfolk. A piano player is usually present, playing catchy music from the time period. Three tables which could be occupied by prostitutes, Walton's Gang, and other townsfolk. The back room has boarded up windows, to hide the poker game, and a room decorated for the bartender.

Upstairs contains 3 rooms, 2 which Marston can not enter, and a safe house. On the balcony, townsfolk and prostitutes can lean on the railing.



Red Dead Redemption

  • Early in the morning Marston can view women/prostitutes getting ready for the day.
  • Many duels can be offered at this location.
  • There is a slim chance that a woman can enter the poker room and shake her head, appearing disappointed.
  • Many prostitutes ask Marston to join them.
  • Most people leave at 10pm and reappear at 8am.


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