You think you're fast, do you, Marston? Why don't you show me?

Arnett Buchanan challenging Marston to a duel

Arnett Buchanan is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known about Arnett's background.


Arnett can most often be found at Rathskeller Fork, doing a variety of odd jobs. He can also be found inside the saloon. Arnett sometimes plays poker and Liar's Dice in Thieves' Landing. Arnett may also challenge the player to a duel in the United States.


I'm gonna show you how to shoot, son. It's going to be a short, hard lesson!
Arnett Buchanan, in a gunfight
The way you shoot you're more of a danger to yourself than me.
Arnett Buchanan, in a gunfight
Hey, good to see you.
Arnett Buchanan greeting the player




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