These rebels are too many, amigo. Can you help us?

Arsenio Baldizon

Arsenio Baldizon is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Arsenio is an officer in the Mexican Army. He has been tasked with running the rebels out of Nosalida, however the task seems to be a bit too much for him and his men on their own.


Red Dead Redemption

Arsenio can be found on the outskirts of Nosalida, and will enlist the aid of Marston to help him rid the town of the rebels who have captured it. He presides over a box of Fire Bottles that he asks Marston to use to burn down the buildings in town.

Arsenio can also be seen patrolling Escalera, El Matadero, or El Presidio. However, if Marston has a bounty, Arsenio will track him to multiple locations around Nuevo Paraiso.

Undead Nightmare

In Undead Nightmare, Arsenio can be found patrolling El Presidio and commanding the soldiers there.

Arsenio can also be found defending El Matadero where he is the survivor leader. He can be found on the roof of the house with the Maxim Gun. If the settlement is saved and Arsenio survives, he will move to the ground where he will be found smoking.


Gracias, you are a friend to Mexico. Here is a little money, a sign of my gratitude. Now, we must leave.
Arsenio Baldizon
Stay close to the perro as his entrenador. Any problemas, call me.
Arsenio Baldizon giving Marston the Nightwatch Job
Gringo, we need your help. Take these two men and destroy that rebel camp.
Arsenio Baldizon asking Marston to destroy the houses in Nosalida
Hola señor Marston.
Arsenio Baldizon greeting Marston with high fame
¡Para México!
Arsenio Baldizon during a battle
Orale amigos!
Arsenio Baldizon during a battle


  • After the hideout has been completed, returning to Nosalida will trigger the mission again with Arsenio waiting in the same spot he was found previously, albeit with different opening dialogue.
  • After "An Appointed Time", Arsenio can still be found in Chuparosa if Marston does the Nightwatch Job.
  • Shooting his hat off will reveal he is bald. His last name may be poking fun at this.
  • Arsenio is incorrectly named as a General during the Nosalida hideout.
  • In the mission "An Appointed Time", he is seen holding a High Power Pistol and executing a rebel during the opening cut-scene.


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