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Arthur is the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2, and as a result he has relationships with important characters, as well as numerous other minor characters in the story. He also gains new relationships throughout his journey. The player can have Arthur partake in various activities throughout the story, as an outlaw both within the Van der Linde gang and outside of it, that will define his relationship with certain characters.

The relationship Arthur has with other characters can be dictated by the actions of the player, for example, the player is given the choice to talk to various gang members whilst at camp in either a positive manner or a negative one. This will dictate Arthur's reception among his gang members. Not only this, but Arthur can, on some missions, choose to help certain characters and/or make other decisions that will effect the outcome of their relationship. Furthermore, Arthur has an honour system and depending on the honour level, either low or high Honor, which is dictated by the player, Arthur will receive different dialogues from certain characters and will be treated differently by NPCs, too.

This page takes a look at Arthur's various relationship from the perspective of high honour and with Arthur agreeing to help all the characters he meets, as the game pushes you in this direction and is, as a result, the most likely experiences players will have when playing this game.

Van der Linde Gang

Significant others

Mary Linton

Arthur met Mary at a young age whilst he rode with the Van der Linde gang. They were smitten with each other but prevalent circumstances, such as Arthur's loyalty to the gang and the disapproval of the relationship by Mary's family, particularly her father, caused their relationship to fall through and they wouldn't see each other again for a long time.

After many years. Mary and Arthur reunite when she sends him a letter to come meet her outside of Valentine, and asking for his help in getting her brother away from Chelonia, and later again in Saint Denis, this time with her father. Arthur can refuse to help her in both instances, and upon theses events camp members can talk to Arthur about Mary, with many expressing their disapproval, which slightly annoys Arthur.

If Arthur chooses to help Mary, their relationship improves to the point in which she reveals she still has feelings for Arthur. She asks if its too late for them to have a future together and asks if they could run away together. Arthur admits that he reciprocates her feelings but declines, stating that they need money, that there's still people in the gang he needs to protect, and that he doesn't want her to get hurt. The two part ways again for the final time.

Mary sends Arthur another letter with the ring he gave her a long time ago. In said letter she says it is time to cut ties for good, knowing that Arthur will never change, while also apologizing for the pain their failed relationship caused him.

In the epilogue she is seen visiting Arthur's grave, mourning him, and the ring is used by John Marston in his proposal to Abigail Roberts.


At some point in his past Arthur met a young waitress named Eliza, whom he got pregnant with their son, Isaac. It is uncertain what relationship the two had but it can be deduced that they were on good terms. Eliza knew of Arthur's criminal background but had accepted any support Arthur offered to her and Isaac. Arthur seems to remember Eliza fondly, calling her a "good kid", as she was only nineteen at the time.

Arthur would visit every few months and stay with Eliza and Isaac for days at a time. One day, Arthur went to their home and saw two crosses outside and immediately realized that they were both dead. He later learned that they were robbed and killed for a meager amount of money. The incident hardened Arthur ever since and he never truly coped with the pain.

Arthur mentions Eliza when conversing with Rains Fall, admitting that the incident caused him to believe he has no right to expect good things to happen to him because of the life he has led. Eliza and Isaac's deaths have also deeply affected his loyalty to his gang, considering them as his family, and holding disdain for John Marston for leaving Abigail Roberts when he got her pregnant with their son, Jack.


Lyle Morgan

Not much is known about Arthur's relationship with his father, though the little information given implies a strained one at best. In regards to his death, Arthur says that he watched Lyle die and "it weren't soon enough," referring to him as a "no good bastard" in a journal entry after his tuberculosis diagnosis. Despite this, Arthur keeps a picture of him next to his bed over two decades later and also wears his hat, hinting at some measure of fondness.

Beatrice Morgan

Due to Beatrice dying when he was very young, Arthur doesn't remember his mother very well. He does, however, keep a photograph of her beside his bed, and often speaks fondly of her, in contrast to his father. Arthur also keeps a flower next to his bed, which his mother saw as a good luck charm.


Isaac was born from a relationship Arthur had with a waitress named Eliza. Upon learning of the pregnancy Arthur offered Eliza whatever support he could give. Every few months Arthur would visit Eliza and Isaac and stay with them for a few days. Arthur loved his son and remembered Isaac fondly as being "such a good kid." One day, Arthur saw two crosses outside their house and immediately knew they had both died. He later learned that they were robbed and killed for a meager amount of money. The incident devastated Arthur and he never truly coped with the loss.

Arthur mentions Isaac when conversing with Rains Fall, telling him that the incident made him realize that he can't expect good things to happen to him with the life he led. The loss of his son and Eliza made Arthur appreciate the family he had in the Van der Linde gang and perhaps fuelled the frustration he had with John when he ran away after getting Abigail pregnant with Jack.

Van der Linde gang

Dutch van der Linde

Arthur and Dutch have a long history together, with Arthur seeing him as a mentor and a father figure who taught him the life of an outlaw and embraced Dutch's view of a life free from modern civilisation and its rules. For most of 1899, their relationship is strong and healthy, with Arthur having Dutch’s full trust and respect and vice versa. Arthur follows Dutch’s every command, even the ones he doesn’t necessarily agree with.

From the start of the story Dutch treats Arthur as his right-hand man, with Hosea being treated more like an equal partner. Arthur is the longest serving member of the Van der Linde gang, excluding Hosea, with the Van der Linde gang starting with just Dutch, Hosea and Arthur. "Before any of them it was just us.", Dutch comments when going fishing with the two. Hosea adds on that they were "a curious couple with their unruly child." Throughout the early parts of the story Dutch tells Arthur numerous times that he is "like a son" to him, and at one point tells him that he is more than that.

Dutch, whilst at camp, will have spontaneous chats with Arthur, one of which can lead to Arthur offering to find Dutch a pipe after he mentions that he misses smoking one. In return he will give Arthur a set of Spurs as a clothing item. Dutch can occasionally come up and talk to Arthur around camp.

Arthur and Dutch enjoyed activities together such as going fishing, alongside Hosea, where the three shared anecdotes of how their lives were before the rest of the members joined. After helping Archibald MacGregor destroy a distillery in the Bayou, Dutch asked Arthur if he wanted to race back to camp. He enjoyed joking around with Arthur, for example whilst in Saint Denis Dutch snook up on him and held him at gun point, much to his amusement.

Dutch also shows clear trust in Arthur and complete confidence in his protege's numerous abilities. When Arthur asks what happened with the botched ferry heist, Dutch offers the simple yet telling reply: "We missed you." As the events of 1899 unfold, Dutch seems to view Arthur as something of an ace in the hole and relies on him more and more to get the gang out of increasingly difficult situations. In regard to Arthur's indefatigable ability to provide the gang with money, food, and supplies, Dutch, while encountered in camp, will call Arthur "the best man among us."

At Valentine, when John and Strauss got themselves captured by Leviticus Cornwall's men, Arthur tells Dutch to confront and talk to them whilst he waits for him to make a move, an idea that Dutch agreed to without hesitation. When Micah Bell arranged for Dutch and Colm O'Driscoll to parlay Dutch showed complete trust in Arthur protecting him from a distance with a sniper rifle. However, Arthur was captured by the O'Driscoll Boys and was briefly tortured by them, having escaped and arrived back at camp, Dutch was clearly relieved at his return but also apprehensive about the dire state Arthur was in. This care for Arthur's well-being is further shown when, after Arthur and the others end up in Guarma and he locates them, Dutch exclaims with great relief that its a "goddamn miracle" that he had survived, and hurrying the others to get him some water immediately.

However, Arthur’s distrust of Micah Bell and his manipulative nature towards Dutch, as well as Dutch's changing personality, would eventually lead to some friction. Around half-way through the story Arthur becomes wary of Dutch's steadily growing inclination towards violence, specifically when he drowns Angelo Bronte and feeds him to an alligator as vengeance for setting him, and his gang, up at the trolley station. More violence would follow, during Dutch, Arthur, Micah, Javier and Bill's short time in Guarma he murders an elderly women, Gloria, who was acting as the gang's guide, because she wanted more money. It’s around this time Arthur’s doubts of Dutch starts to grow. To the frustration of Dutch who says that his "doubting" makes him sound like John.

After they return from Guarma and set up camp at Beaver Hollow their relationship begins to strain further when Arthur, with Sadie, rescues John from Sisika Penitentiary against Dutch's wishes. Arthur's loss of faith in Dutch is exacerbated after he kills Leviticus Cornwall despite claiming he was just going to meet him for a "social call" to try and strike a deal. It is around this time that Dutch begins to negatively influence Eagle Flies to fight the U.S Army, to the worry of Arthur and his fellow gang member, and friend, Charles Smith.

By the end of the Van der Linde gang’s time Micah’s manipulation has greatly impacted Dutch as he starts to convince him that both Arthur and John, his proudest disciples, have turned on him. Dutch convinces Eagle Flies to attack Cornwall’s oil factory, forcing Rains Fall to arrive at the gang's hideout and convince Arthur and his friends to stop Eagles Flies from being killed, whilst inadvertently revealing to Dutch and Micah that Arthur has been aiding Rains Fall without their knowledge. When the gang, alongside Dutch, support Eagle Flies at the factory, he and Arthur manage to make it to Cornwall's office and steal some lucrative state bonds. Whilst escaping Arthur falls to the ground after a steam pipe bursts in his face and is held at knife point, Dutch decides to leave Arthur for dead even though he could easily have saved him. Arthur only survives thanks to the intervention of Eagle Flies but with the latter being mortally wounded. What little shred of faith and loyalty Arthur had left for Dutch had finally been broken.

With Arthur having become greatly disillusioned with Dutch, and now realising that he has become a shadow of his former self, or possibly the man he has always been who merely uses others to further his own desires, he decides to help John, Abigail and Jack escape the gang and be free from all this trouble. Before the gang's last heist, Arthur, who has already planned secretly with John to steal Dutch's hidden stash for when he escapes with his family, tries to convince Dutch to let John, Abigail and Jack, as well as the other women, leave peacefully, however, Dutch takes offence to Arthur's insistence but feigns indulgence and promises he will do so after this last train robbery.

By the end of the chapter Arthur is in a stand off with Micah and informs everyone in the gang that he is the rat and has been helping the Pinkertons. However, Dutch is initially indecisive on who to believe but ends up pointing his guns at Arthur and John. Pinkertons then arrive at the gang's hideout and a shootout begins, John and Arthur flee through a cave and up a hill, where Dutch, Micah, Cleet and Joe begin chasing them. If the player makes the decision to help John, Arthur decides sacrificing himself to save John. Arthur's last encounter with Dutch is after he and Micah have a brawl and Arthur, who is crawling and barely alive from his tuberculosis, is about to grab the gun and kill him only for Dutch, who suddenly appears, to stop him. Arthur's last words to Dutch is that Micah is a rat and he knows it. He emotionally tells Dutch that he "gave him all he had." Despite Micah's pleas for Dutch to come with him for the money he turns and walks away, Arthur appearing to have finally convinced him. Arthur then dies and, depending on his honor level, it will either be from Micah killing him or peacefully succumbing to his tuberculosis.

John Marston

Arthur and John were, more or less, like brothers as both of them were raised by Dutch and Hosea for 15 years. However, their relationship strained when John ran away for little over a year after getting Abigail Roberts pregnant with his son, Jack. This hurt Arthur deeply and left him feeling betrayed and also annoyed at John not appreciating the family he had. As a result, for most of 1899, Arthur has little respect for John. He points out that had anyone else ran off like he did they wouldn't have been welcomed back, and further implies that he believes Dutch coddles him too much. Despite this, the two work well together and Arthur can have pleasant conversations with him around camp.

As the story progresses their relationship slightly improves. Early on, Arthur, alongside Javier, rescues John after he got lost and attacked by a pack of wolves that leaves John with his famous scars. Soon after, Arthur shows a bit of respect for John after he comes up with a plan to rob a train. The idea visibly impresses Arthur and comments that he is the first man to have half his brain eaten by wolves and come out smarter. However, Arthur still gets frustrated by John's poor decisions, such as when they, along with Javier, steal horses from the Braithwaites for, what they hoped would be $5,000, only to be told they would get $650. Despite the significantly less money John accepts, with Arthur calling him a fool.

There are other times in the story when Arthur and John bicker, for example, when John gets Arthur's help to steal some sheep to sell off in Valentine the two can be heard arguing about Jack, with John complaining that Arthur took him fishing and with Arthur responding that John should be spending more time with his family, especially Jack. It was on this same job that Arthur saves him after he was captured by Leviticus Cornwall's men and held at gun point, but Arthur, through his use of Dead Eye, manages to kill them before they can do anything.

When Jack was kidnapped by the Braithwaite family, and subsequently passed on to Angelo Bronte, Arthur would reassure John that everything would be okay. He praises John for keeping calm and collected around Bronte when negotiating for Jack's return. When the gang successfully get John's son back to camp he thanks Arthur for his help, Arthur tells John to spend time with his family, showing their relationship has greatly improved, with Arthur pleased to see John and his family are finally being together. During a random stagecoach robbery Micah Bell speculates that John could be turning on the gang and points out the doubts Arthur has of him, but Arthur retorts that he’s known him for so long that he has no doubts, showing that, despite what John had done in the past, and how Arthur felt about it, he still knows John would never betray the gang.

Towards the end of the story Arthur, with Sadies help, saves John from Sisika Penitentiary despite Dutch telling him to not make a move yet. By this point they both share mutual feelings on Dutch and how he has changed. In Arthur’s journal he reveals he has always liked John and that he has become less of a "fool" than he used to be. Furthermore, Arthur reveals that he broke him out of prison because he cared for him, rather than for just Abigail's or Jack's sake. Arthur writes in one entry, sometime near his death, that he hopes John uses his brain better and that the luck that has eluded him will continue to help John instead. Arthur worked with John to help him leave the gang with Abigail and Jack, behind Dutch's back, and promised to help him retrieve Dutch's hidden stash so he and his family could have a life of their own.

After getting the dynamite for an upcoming heist Arthur tells John that whatever happens during the robbery, and wherever Dutch goes, he will get him the money he needs and get out of this life. John comments that Arthur has always had his back to which Arthur responds, "Maybe not always." An indication of how much his relationship with John has evolved.

Before the train heist Arthur tries to talk to Dutch about letting John and his family leave the gang peacefully. Arthur's insistence on the matter infuriates Dutch but he hides this and feigns indulgence to Arthur's pleas, and says he will let John and his family leave after this last job. During the robbery, however, Arthur witnesses John getting shot and falling off the train. Dutch, who turned back to get him, tells Arthur that he could not find John and that he is either dead or has been captured, with Arthur being visibly devastated from the news.

During Arthur’s final confrontation with Micah, and the few remaining gang members, John unexpectedly appears and sides with Arthur, revealing Dutch left him to die. After the arrival of the Pinkertons, and a shootout erupts, both Arthur and John try to escape from the Pinkertons, led by Edgar Ross, as well as from Dutch, Micah, Bill and Javier, through the caves and up a hill. Arthur protested continuing but John encourages him to keep pushing. After reaching the peak Arthur has stopped and has given up trying to survive, stating he‘s pushed all that he can and urges John to continue without him. John refuses and doesn’t want to leave him behind but Arthur tells him that neither of them will make it out as Arthur is being slowed down by his illness and knows that he is eventually going to die. Arthur takes off his hat and gives it to John, as well as his satchel. Arthur tells him to leave while he holds off the Pinkertons, and that it would mean a lot to him if he were to make it out alive. John is very reluctant to leave him but Arthur gives John one final bit of tough love and tells him to leave and be a man. John’s last words to Arthur are “we're brother's”, which Arthur responds by saying “I know, I know.”

Throughout Arthur's last moments fighting Micah he continuously bragged that he has won, contradicting Micah's claims that he had lost, because he successfully saved John and his family. When Dutch intervenes in the fight he tells him of his success with John, ultimately feeling a sense of redemption because of this and no longer cares if he dies. Micah will either put a bullet through Arthur's head or Arthur will slip away whilst watching the sunrise, succumbing to his tuberculosis, depending on his honour level.

John was deeply saddened by Arthur's death and thought about him a lot, but only referred to him as an "old friend" in conversations with people. Abigail, when Jack brings up Arthur, says that John does not like to talk about Arthur much. Even so, John would use Arthur's ring to propose to Abigail, showing the sentimental value Arthur has in his, and Abigail's, life. John feels forever indebted to Arthur for giving him a chance to live a normal life and tried to repay him by killing Micah, along with Sadie and Charles, years later. Ironically, it was John's quest for vengeance against Micah that set in motion a chain of events that would lead to his own downfall a few years later. John took Arthur’s words to heart of running and not looking back, as he used those words on Abigail and Jack before his own sacrifice.

At camp John is one of the gang members that doesn't come up to Arthur for a spontaneous chat. However, John is one of the gang members Arthur can play Poker with.

Abigail Marston

Arthur has a good relationship with Abigail and at some point he thought about marrying her had she not fallen for John and he not fallen for Mary. It is hinted by Dutch that Arthur may have had sex with Abigail before her relationship with John, as did the other members of the gang, when he is confronted by John at the bank in Blackwater in 1911. Abigail has a great amount of trust for Arthur, especially with her son Jack, such as when she asked if Arthur would take him fishing. In a random camp encounter Abigail complains that she cannot afford a new set of clothes for Jack, giving Arthur the choice to give her $5, indicating that he is willing to help Abigail and Jack in any way he can. Abigail begged Arthur, as well as Dutch and John, to rescue her son when he was kidnapped by the Braithwaites.

The gang showed zero tolerance towards the Braithwaite family for taking Jack, they killed all of Catherine Braithwaite's sons and burned her manor to the ground before forcing her to tell them where he was. She revealed that she had given him to Angelo Bronte in Saint Denis. The gang was able to barter with Bronte for the return of Jack, much to Abigail's relief who emotionally thanked Arthur and the others.

One of the motives for Arthur rescuing John from Sisika Penitentiary was for her and Jack, but also because John had begun to show that he does care for Abigail and Jack greatly, indicating that Arthur prioritises their well-being. This culminates into Arthur trying to help John escape with Abigail and Jack so they could live a better life, away from Dutch and the gang's violence. Something Abigail deeply appreciated as that is all she has truly wanted, mostly for Jack's sake.

In random encounters at camp Micah attempts to flirt with Abigail but she rebuffs him. Arthur can tell her that if Micah keeps harassing her she just tell him and he will deal with it, showing that he looks out for her, especially when it involves Micah.

Abigail is saddened when Arthur is forced to part ways with her and Sadie because he has to confront Micah. Before leaving Arthur tells both of them that they are good women and one of the best. Abigail then gives Arthur the key to Dutch’s chest that has all the money the gang has robbed throughout the story, surprising him. They both take each other’s hands and Abigail says she has always been a good thief to which Arthur acknowledges, giving one final, emotional, goodbye before departing.

A few years later Abigail finds out that Jack can remember Arthur and believes that it was Arthur that saved them, Abigail confirms this and says that, "None of us would be here today if it wasn't for Arthur." Further adding that John doesn't like to talk about him. This reveals her deep appreciation for what Arthur did. In another encounter around the Marston family's homestead Uncle can be seen talking to Abigail, telling her how all good things start with a good women, that John is the luckiest man alive and it was Arthur who told him that, causing Abigail to get up and leave whilst crying.

Abigail is one of the gang members that Arthur can play Dominoes with at camp. Its during a game that she tells Arthur that she learned how to play Dominoes, as well as the piano, when she was a young girl working at a bar. At camp Abigail doesn't come up to Arthur to engage in any conversations.

Jack Marston

Arthur treated Jack like he was his own son and believes John neglects him too much. He tries to give Jack advice and, at the request of Abigail, asked if he wanted to go fishing with him. When the Braithwaites abducted Jack and gave him to Angelo Bronte Arthur was just as worried as Abigail and John and went out of his way to get him back.

As the gang started to fall apart, due to Dutch's growing violence and paranoia, Arthur did all he could for Jack and his family to escape and live a free and safe life. Under the assumption that Jack had lost John, Arthur ran off with Sadie to rescue Abigail to prevent Jack from becoming an orphan.

Years later, whilst he was living with his family on a homestead, Jack talks about Arthur with Abigail and tells her that he can remember Arthur saving them, if only a little. Abigail confirms that he remembers correctly but that John does not like to talk about it.

Whilst at camp Arthur treats Jack with great care and affection when talking to him. Jack can ask Arthur to get Abigail's Thimble and a Penny Dreadful book, showing he goes to Arthur when he is in need of something, in return for the Thimble he will give you a drawing, for the book he will regularly leave Candy Bars at Arthur's tent.

Hosea Matthews

Arthur saw Hosea as a father figure, much like Dutch, and looked up to him. Even admitting that he likes Hosea more. He often played along with Hosea's shenanigans, such as the role of the "idiot brother" to "The Clown" played by Hosea when the two were giving away moonshine at the Saloon in Rhodes, albeit Arthur did so reluctantly, indicating that he and Hosea have done this before. Arthur and Hosea also went hunting for a Legendary bear, although they failed to kill him together, and they went fishing with Dutch where they shared anecdotes about their past together.

Hosea often calls for Arthur's backing when he is having disputes with Dutch, and even with some fellow gang members such as Bill. He also taught Arthur how to read, along side Dutch. Hosea summed up his relationship with Dutch and Arthur as "the curious couple with their unruly child." During the failed bank job in Saint Denis Hosea is killed by Agent Milton. Enraged over Hosea's death, Arthur and the gang proceed to kill several Pinkertons before escaping. After Hosea died, Arthur said he missed Hosea’s wisdom.

At camp Hosea is one of the gang members Arthur can play Dominoes with. Hosea can request Arthur to find him American Ginseng and in return he will leave a bottle of Potent Medicine beside his tent. He can also ask him to find a book called "Shrew in the Fog" and will regularly provide Arthur with predator bait at his tent. Hosea can occasionally come up to Arthur and talk to him around camp.

Bill Williamson

Arthur and Bill were originally on good terms and worked well together, but due to the latter's recklessness and stupidity Arthur would often hold Bill in poor regards. This is first highlighted early in the story when Bill has the job of planting explosives when the gang intends to rob a train, however, the explosives fail to detonate and the crew is forced to improvise. Arthur would begin to make jokes at Bill's expense over this.

Nonetheless, Arthur still sees Bill as a capable member of the gang and continued to bring him along on heists, such as when Uncle reveals he has a lead on a stagecoach, and the two often work surprisingly well together. Arthur is also willing to take part in Bill's plans, like robbing the bank in Valentine. Bill would try and rib Arthur for the shootout that occurred in Valentine that put a temporary halt on his, and Karen's, plan to rob the bank. Highlighting that when Arthur messes up it is just "one of them things.", but when he screws things up he is lampooned for it.

Their relationship, however, is soured when Bill (unintentionally) lures Arthur, Sean and Micah into an ambush that ends with Sean being killed. Bill is shocked when he sees that Arthur is losing faith in Dutch and tells Arthur, whilst robbing some dynamites in Van Horn, that he believes he has gone soft. He admits that he respected Arthur once before, but he now considers Arthur, along with John and Charles, traitors and hopes they get whats coming to them. He further demonstrates his hostility by calling Arthur a turncoat after Bill goes at Abigail and Uncle. Arthur points out that he is loyal and Bill is too dumb to realise the reality of the situation. This seemingly shows that Arthur and Bill’s friendship has ended.

During the standoff in Beaver Hollow, Bill sides with Dutch and Micah against Arthur and John, without hesitating. He also points his gun at the pair, although doesn't try to chase them down after the Pinkertons interrupt.

At the camp Bill can ask Arthur for some hair pomade and in return will leave Arthur repeater ammo beside his tent. Bill is another gang member who doesn't try to talk to Arthur around camp.

Javier Escuella

Arthur and Javier have respect for each other and worked together to rescue John when he had gone missing. They both robbed a homestead and went fishing together, with Javier providing some tips and bait to help Arthur's fishing woes. But after their return from Guarma Javier starts to lose respect for Arthur because he has lost faith in Dutch, this is highlighted when Arthur tries to talk Javier about Dutch's erratic behaviour only for him to brush it off and refuse to talk, stating he has nothing to say to him whilst simultaneously questioning Arthur's loyalty. At one point he makes it clear that he only thinks Arthur is around for money instead of loyalty to the gang, or Dutch. Arthur retorts that if he only cared about money he would be long gone.

He begins to notice that Javier is having a hard time taking in everything that has happened to the gang, as he constantly questions the loyalty of Abigail, Charles, Uncle and even John. In one incident Javier calls Charles an arrogant “son of a bitch” because of his lack of faith in Dutch and further adds that he should "use [his] brain". Charles mentions to Arthur that Javier has changed to which Arthur calls him a "little sack of shit" he should’ve let him to die in Guarma, signifying that their once close friendship has ended.

During the gang standoff at Beaver Hollow, Javier sides with Dutch and Micah against Arthur and John, although he is hesitant and doesn't fully point his gun at the pair; additionally, he is not seen chasing down Arthur and John, hinting at some fondness he still had for Arthur and/or John.

Whilst at camp Javier can ask Arthur to find him some Oleander, and in return he will regularly leave throwing knives at his tent. At camp Javier doesn't go up to Arthur for random conversations.

Micah Bell

Arthur openly dislikes Micah because of his negative influence on the gang, and Dutch specifically. His tendency to engage in extreme violence, such as when Arthur rescues him in Strawberry and Micah massacres the whole town to retrieve his "precious guns" irks Arthur greatly, seeing him as someone that cannot keep his head in tense situations.

Despite their poor relationship, the two work well enough together to get a job done. Arthur is aware of Micah's skills as a fighter and shooter, and Micah appears to respect Arthur for his shooting abilities in return, as well as saying that he finds it "fun" riding with Arthur. However, Micah's skill as a shooter perhaps makes Arthur even more concerned about his influence on Dutch. Arthur is often vocal, and scornful, about the things Micah does around camp such as ridiculing Swanson, taunting Javier, Lenny and Charles because they are a different race, harassing Abigail at camp and even kicking Jack's dog, Cain.

Arthur's dislike of Micah grew when he took advantage of Hosea's death to get close to Dutch and have a greater influence on him. Once it becomes apparent that Arthur is sick, through his persistent coughing, Micah starts to regularly mock him and refers to him as "black lung". Before Arthur's illness, Micah rarely tried to annoy Arthur and often tried to be friendly with Arthur, respecting him and likely wishing that they could be friends. At one point Micah tells Arthur, when he needed his help, that he looked up to him, however he was very likely lying given the circumstances. Micah eventually begins to gain some superiority over Arthur and the other members through his closeness with Dutch.

Micah convinces Dutch that Arthur and John have become disloyal which begins to strain Arthur's, and the gang's, relationship with Dutch. Later, Arthur learns that Micah is a rat and has been talking to the Pinkertons since their return from Guarma, infuriating Arthur to such an extent that, instead of running away with Abigail and Sadie, he confronts Micah at the camp and holds him at gunpoint to proclaim to everyone that he is a traitor.

Regardless of the player's choices, Arthur and Micah will have one last fight, either a knife fight or a fistfight. If Arthur does decide to go back for the "money", it is likely that he instead wished to have one last showdown with Micah, evidenced by the fact that he will shout his name and ask him to show himself, even admitting that he went for the money because of "unfinished business" he had with him, showing the intense hatred between the two. In the fight, Micah will say that he has been waiting a long time to kill Arthur, and will do so, if the player's honor is low. If the player has high honor, Micah will instead leave Arthur to die.

At camp Arthur cannot really have pleasant interactions with Micah and no matter what the player does, every conversation devolves into sarcastic disputes between the two. Micah is one of the camp members Arthur can play Five Finger Fillet with. He will also occasionally come up to Arthur for a chat, often with the intent of being semi-friendly (although Micah instead decides to taunt and Arthur by the time he has tuberculosis), but Arthur usually brushes him off and never wishes to talk to Micah.

Lenny Summers

Arthur grew close to Lenny after the two got drunk together in Valentine after Dutch tells him to show Lenny a good time. They also pulled jobs together, such as robbing the bank in Valentine and stealing a wagon full of weapons and explosives from the Lemoyne Raiders at Shady Belle, it was because of this job that the gang knew of Shady Belle and could use it as their next camping spot. Lenny's performance and competency impressed Arthur to such an extent that he declares he will ride with Lenny anytime.

When Lenny revealed his concern at being so far south in Lemoyne because of its history of racism, having been filled with slave plantation farms before the war, Arthur expressed his sympathy and acknowledged that it couldn't be easy for him. However, Arthur would reassure Lenny that he has friends and that he should not try to impress everyone in the gang because the people that matter (himself, Dutch and Hosea) are aware of the effort he puts in.

During a botched bank job in Saint Denis Lenny is shot and killed whilst the gang tries to escape across the rooftops. Arthur takes a moment over his body, mourning the loss of his friend. Arthur saw Lenny as a very bright kid and talented member of the gang, he would often stand up for Lenny whenever Micah taunted him.

At camp Lenny can play Five Finger Fillet and Poker with Arthur. Lenny can request Arthur to find him a pocket watch and in return will leave Arthur a stick of dynamite at his tent. Lenny does not come up to Arthur for a spontaneous chat around camp.

Sean MacGuire

Sean was like the annoying younger brother to Arthur. He would often insult and berate him for his over exuberant mannerisms. He viewed Sean as a lowly member of the gang due to being prone to mistakes, such as when John, Sean, Arthur and Charles were robbing a train and Sean got himself pistol whipped. However, Arthur and Sean would banter over this incident. Before the job starts, Sean antagonises Arthur by telling him he should sleep with his eyes open for mocking him, Arthur quickly, and rather aggressively, tells Sean he'll be sleeping with his chest open if he is not careful. Sean backs down and tells Arthur that he loves him, perhaps genuinely so, because of his no nonsense approach.

After the failed job at Blackwater, Sean got himself captured and whilst being handed over to a group of bounty hunters Arthur, Javier and Charles, with help from Trelawny, saved him. Sean interpreted this as proof that Arthur and the gang missed him with Arthur not wholeheartedly disputing this. Arthur would help Sean when robbing a small cabin and when they set fire to the Gray Family's fields. Arthur later compliments Sean for his performance when destroying the fields.

Though Sean frequently annoyed Arthur, he was greatly saddened when Sean was killed in an ambush by the Grays, affectionately saying what fun times they had together and that he never realised how much he actually cared about him until he was dead. He held Bill in slight contempt for his recklessness that led to Sean being killed.

At camp Sean can ask Arthur to find him some Kentucky Bourbon, in return he will regularly leave Fire Bottles at Arthur's tent. Sean is another member of the gang who doesn't have spontaneous conversations with Arthur around camp.

Leopold Strauss

Arthur was Leopold Strauss' strongman when he loaned out money to desperate people. This line of work, although lucrative, disgusted Arthur and would often bemoan Strauss' habit of loaning to people he very well knew could not pay the debt back.

Nonetheless, Arthur and Strauss maintained civility towards each other, with Strauss calling Arthur "Herr Morgan" (German for "sir") and Arthur referring to him as "Mr. Strauss", or on some occasions, "Herr Strauss". Arthur would often engage in polite conversation with Strauss and would save him in Valentine when he, along with John, were held at gunpoint by Leviticus Cornwall's men. Strauss was shot in the leg in this encounter and Arthur, John and Dutch worked to get him to safety.

Should Arthur have completed most of the debt missions, and depending on the his decisions in the last two, Arthur, who by this point has gained a higher sense of morality, confronts Strauss and kicks him out of the camp. Strauss protests this by saying the sick delude themselves, a reference to Arthur's worsening illness, and that he was Arthur's friend. Arthur retorts that although he and Strauss are not good men, the people who Strauss was loan sharking to were. He tells Strauss to get a job and gives him some money to leave, with Strauss doing so, never to be seen again.

At camp Strauss never had random conversations with Arthur and instead would be seen working on his ledger or reading the paper at his tent.

Orville Swanson

Arthur pitied Swanson's proclivity for drunkenness. He was often quick to point out this poor habit and the foolish situations he got himself into, forcing Arthur, at one point, to save him from getting killed by an oncoming train after he gets his foot stuck in the tracks.

As times goes on Swanson gets his act together and becomes sober, surprising even Arthur. He decides to leave the gang and, should Arthur not help the nun in Saint Denis, will meet Swanson at the train station after dropping off Captain Monroe. Arthur will ask Swanson questions about his decision to leave with him trying to explain himself. Depending on Arthur's honour level he will either get the dialogue option where Swanson reassures Arthur to keep fighting and to never change, and ultimately accept his flaws. The alternative dialogue will have Swanson tell Arthur that he is a good person who should, and will, save the right people with what little time he has left. The two then bid each other farewell, with mutual respect, this being the last time they see each other.

Throughout the game, at camp, Swanson often goes to Arthur to speak about his tendency to drink too much and his insecurities about the events taking place, asking Arthur at one point if the Pinkertons are finally going to kill them, Arthur responds that they probably will with Swanson expressing his worry.

Kieran Duffy

Initially, Arthur was antagonistic, and arguably cruel, towards Kieran because he had originally been an O'Driscoll at the time Arthur captured him. At the start of the story Kieran is held prisoner by the gang and was mostly tied to a tree. However, Kieran gives up details on a possible whereabouts of Colm O'Driscoll and Dutch decides that he should go along with Arthur, John and Bill to show them where. Once the gang arrives and finds the area crawling with O'Driscolls a shootout begins that ends with all the O'Driscolls being killed. Arthur goes to check on the cabin only to be surprised and held at gun point, however, Kieran saves his life by shooting the O'Driscoll first.

Because Kieran saved Arthur he was granted camp freedom and had the job of caring for the horses. Arthur never showed his gratitude for Kieran openly, and whenever Kieran mentions it Arthur responds that they are even because he allows another day to go buy without killing him. In reality, however, Arthur was thankful for Kieran saving his life. He becomes more friendly to him and now refers to him as "O'Driscoll" in jest rather than out of scorn.

When Kieran invites Arthur on a fishing trip he opens up about his past and reveals that his parents died from cholera when he was young and ended up joining the O'Driscoll Boys, albeit reluctantly. Arthur comforts him and tells him that he no longer has to worry about being alone again.

He goes missing for a while when the gang moves to Shady Belle and his body soon turns up at camp on top of his horse with his decapitated head in his hands and his eyes poked out. This is followed by an assault on the gang's hideout by the O'Driscolls. Arthur is filled with remorse over this, with Kieran having saved his life once but Arthur having been unable to save his. Late in the story Arthur, Dutch and Sadie attend Colm O'Driscoll's public execution and thwart the rescue effort by the O'Driscoll Boys, securing Colm's death and avenging Kieran.

At camp, Kieran never goes up to Arthur to engage in a conversation (with the exception of Jack's return party where he is drunk). He will, however, ask Arthur for some Burdock Roots in order to help the horses he is caring for, in return he will leave Horse Medicine at Arthur's tent.

Sadie Adler

Arthur, along with Dutch and Micah, rescued Sadie early on in the story when the O'Driscoll Boys ransacked her home and killed her husband. Micah was initially aggressive towards her but Dutch and Arthur were able to calm her and take her back to camp.

She took time to adjust to her new life with the Van der Linde gang and would mostly be with Abigail. Arthur was one of the first to welcome Sadie into the group and he would try to offer his condolences for what she has been through, with Sadie mostly pushing Arthur away. When she got caught up in an argument with Pearson, the camp's cook, whilst working for him, Arthur intervened and Sadie explained that she and her husband would share all the work, rather than being given only domestic, household work. Arthur empathized with her and decided to take her out with him to collect supplies. On the way back to camp they were bushwhacked by the Lemoyne Raiders. It was here Sadie proved herself, being completely fearless and dominant in the shootout. This clearly impressed Arthur as he would later admit as much to Lenny, saying that she did "Fine, more than fine, in fact."

They bonded over jokes about Pearson and his letter to his aunt that he asked them to deliver, with Sadie mocking his false claims about traversing the world, far and wide, and that although he has yet to marry he is not short of suitors. Their bond further grew as Sadie continued to prove herself as a fearless gunslinger, such as when the O'Driscolls assaulted Shady Belle, she disobeyed Arthur's orders to get inside the manor and instead slaughtered dozens of enemies. After Arthur, Dutch, Javier, Bill and Micah return from Guarma, Arthur is surprised to discover that it was Sadie who rounded up the gang members after the failed bank job in Saint Denis and got them to safety and have since been waiting for them to return. This gains both his and Dutch's admiration and respect, to the point where even Dutch reprimanded Bill for not respecting Sadie.

Arthur and Sadie worked on jobs with each other, specifically rescuing John from prison. She enjoys Arthur's company and was amused when she surprised him with a hot air balloon to scout the prison yard from the air. They successfully broke John out of prison but at the same time annoyed Dutch for disobeying his orders, however, Sadie's loyalty is to Arthur and isn't too fazed by Dutch's frustration with them.

Sadie builds up enough trust in Arthur that she asks for his help to hunt the last of the O'Driscoll Boys, bluntly telling Arthur that he is the only one out of all the fools in the gang she trusts. Should the player accept, Arthur will attack the ranch. The fight ends with Sadie killing the O'Driscoll's last leader and opening up to him about how much she misses her husband. Here she also admits to Arthur that, aside from her husband, Arthur is the best man she has ever known. Arthur simply retorts that he is aware he doesn't have much competition, but is clearly touched by her comment.

During the final train robbery Abigail is abducted by Agent Milton and taken to Van Horn, both Sadie and Arthur decide to rescue her. Whilst confronting Milton Arthur is told by him that Micah has been informing the Pinkertons about the gang's activities. On the way back, with the gang having pretty much fallen apart, Arthur sends Abigail and Sadie away whilst he confronts Micah. This shows Arthur trusts Sadie to care for John's family when he is under the impression that John has died or has been captured. He tells both her and Abigail that they are the best women he has ever known and bids an emotional farewell. While Sadie stayed silent during this, she expressly displayed grief at Arthur's decision to go back to confront the gang instead of escaping with her and Abigail. This was the last time they saw each other.

Arthur left a big impact on Sadie and she was grateful for his efforts to help her, as well as the Marston family. She maintained her friendship with John years later. Sadie would succeed Arthur in helping John to start his family life by helping him earn money through bounty hunting. She also reminded John that she would avenge Arthur as soon as she gets word of Micah's whereabouts, offering him to join her. They got their chance and they would successfully kill Micah.

Sadie is quiet around camp but will occasionally come up to Arthur to have a chat. For example, at some point during the Clemens Point chapter, Arthur may see her smoking alone at the camp's scout campfire. When Arthur approaches her, Sadie will express to him angrily that she would kill every O'Driscoll to avenge her husband and herself. Despite Sadie's insistence and his sympathy with her, Arthur will say revenge would be no good for them for the time being. They will ultimately succeed in this, however. She can mention to him that she used to play the Harmonica but no longer has one, which allows Arthur to find one for her. Upon giving her the Harmonica, Arthur comments that he would love to hear her play sometime, but Sadie tells him that she only ever played the Harmonica for her husband and would rather keep it that way, but thanks him and leaves some Gun Oil at his tent to show her appreciation. Arthur can also play Five Finger Fillet with her after the mission "Blessed are the Peacemakers".

Molly O'Shea

Arthur and Molly rarely interacted. Nonetheless, being Dutch's girlfriend Molly had Arthur's respect and she in return. She tried talking to Arthur when she felt something was off about Dutch but was interrupted by Uncle. Arthur can have polite conversations with Molly.

A drunken Molly falsely claimed to have ratted on the gang when they moved to Beaver Hollow. Arthur asked Dutch to spare her and simply kick her out, finding her pathetic but sad. Before anyone can do anything, Molly is killed by Miss Grimshaw. It turned out that Molly had lied and in fact rejected any attempt by the Pinkertons to recruit her, she lied about being a rat to simply get Dutch's attention.

Nonetheless, Arthur is slightly saddened for her death. Miss Grimshaw killing Molly divides the camp with everyone under the impression that she was telling the truth, some claimed it was justified as Molly knew the rules whilst others were sympathetic towards her as she only did what she did because she loved Dutch.

She would sometimes have spontaneous interactions with him, mostly about Dutch, but also about the rest of the gang and her insecurities concerning them. This is in contrast to the others, particularly the girls, who do not like her because of her stuck up attitude and entitlement. Molly will tell Arthur that she broke her pocket mirror and is worried it will give her seven years bad luck. Arthur jokingly tells her that none of them will live to see seven years but that he will find her a new mirror. After giving her the pocket mirror Molly will start leaving him a cigar at his tent.

Susan Grimshaw

Arthur respected Miss Grimshaw's authority. It was her job to make sure the camp ran like clockwork. The group she dominantly presided over were the girls, who she made sure were doing their chores. Arthur liked Miss Grimshaw and her feelings were mutual. She would compliment Arthur's contribution to the camp and at one point said everyone misses him if the player keeps Arthur away from camp long enough.

Miss Grimshaw showed her loyalty was to Arthur instead of Dutch by the end of the story when, during the standoff between Arthur and Micah, Miss Grimshaw sided with Arthur. However, this might be because of her disappointment in how far Dutch has fallen rather than genuinely preferring Arthur, as anecdotes can be heard that Miss Grimshaw was rather close to Dutch before the events in the game.

She is ultimately killed by Micah when she is caught off guard by Javier shouting that Pinkertons are on their way. Arthur, although shocked, doesn't try to help her, but this is likely because he was caught up in the tense standoff and couldn't afford to pay any attention to her dying.

Whilst at camp, Miss Grimshaw will randomly talk to Arthur and can have unique interactions with him, for example, she will force Arthur to wash himself if he becomes too dirty around camp, and will be forced to pay a fine to her. She can also reprimand Arthur if he doesn't pay into the Tithing Box for a while. Miss Grimshaw is one of the camp members Arthur can play Poker with. She can also request Arthur to find her some Oregano herbs and in return will leave him some Miracle Tonic beside his tent.

Karen Jones

Arthur is very friendly with Karen and cares for her, this is shown early in the game when Uncle, Tilly, Karen, Arthur and Mary-Beth head to Valentine and whilst the girls scope the place out for information Karen takes a man to a hotel bedroom to rob him, but he starts to beat her. Arthur barges in and immediately knocks him out. He then asks Karen if she is okay, with her telling him she is fine.

She is respected enough by Arthur that he, as well as Bill and Lenny, were happy enough for her to come along on a bank job in Valentine where she showed she is a capable gunslinger by holding people up inside the bank and shooting at the law when the gang were escaping. Karen is also one of the few women that carries out guard duties, which Arthur respects her for. She is one of the first gang members to help Arthur when he escapes back at camp after he has been tortured by Colm O'Driscoll and his men.

Occasionally, at camp, Arthur can open up to Karen and tell her how he really feels and what he thinks of his violent actions. Karen is very sympathetic and encourages Arthur that he can, and should, do better. As well as being friendly to each other around camp, Arthur can, when the gang is celebrating, dance with her.

Karen had a relationship with Sean, which was basically an open secret, and becomes an alcoholic after his death. With many camp members expressing concern over this. Arthur, depending on player decisions, can encourage her to sober up or be scornful for her alcoholism. Despite this it is hinted by Tilly, in a letter to John, that Karen drank herself to death.

At camp Karen may sometimes go up to Arthur to talk to him, particularly when she is drunk. If Arthur calls out her drunkenness she will call him a "stuck up piece of shit."

Charles Smith

Arthur and Charles were very good friends. Charles's personality of being quiet, mostly serious and reliable made Arthur enjoy his company and preferred to have him by his side. Charles taught Arthur how to hunt early in the story when Pearson complained that there wasn't enough food. Arthur would regularly bring Charles on jobs, believing him to be a more reliable pair of hands than anybody else in the gang.

They shared similar beliefs and principles, albeit Charles was a little bit more moral than him, at one point he berates Arthur for being willing to send a German family on their way after having a family member kidnapped by the Lemoyne Raiders. Arthur got involved with Charles' fellow Native American, Rains Fall, and became an ally of the Natives, much to Charles' respect and gratitude. Arthur can go on a hunt for some Bison with Charles, which leads to an investigation after they find numerous dead, rotten, Bisons across the open fields. They track down the pair of hunters who had done this and Charles, for the first time, shows his emotions as he shouts at the hunters and bluntly shoots and kills one of them. Arthur is given the choice to deal with the last hunter. He shows sympathy towards Charles' anger at the mistreatment of the Bisons, knowing that Natives are incredibly reliant on them to survive.

On one mission, when rescuing Josiah Trelawny, Arthur gets himself captured by a bounty hunter and is being choked to death, the bounty hunter offers Charles money to leave and threatens to kill Arthur if he tries anything, however, Charles rather skilfully throws a knife at the bounty hunter, instantly killing him and saving Arthur. When getting back up Arthur jokingly tells him that he should have taken money but that he is thankful for saving him. Later at camp Arthur can thank Charles once again, showing his deep appreciation.

Both Arthur and Charles were disgusted by Dutch’s influence on Eagle Flies to get him to attack the U.S. Army which would compromise the safety on the Wapiti Tribe. This shared view gave Arthur confidence to confide in Charles his views and illness. Charles told Arthur his illness is more of a blessing than a curse, because he is a aware of the short time he has left and has a chance to redeem himself, compared to some of their fallen brethren like Sean, Kieran, Hosea and Lenny, who never got a chance to seek redemption. Arthur would write in his journal that Charles was a good man at heart. The two agreed that Dutch had become the man he taught everyone not to be, with both of them pondering the idea that either the Dutch they are seeing now is his true-self or that Dutch is a shadow of his former-self. After the attack on Cornwall's oil factory Arthur offered to stay and help Charles move the Wapiti Tribe but he declined, stating that there are people that still need Arthur’s help. The two shared a hug as one last goodbye before departing.

After Arthur died Charles found his body and buried him on a hillside facing the evening sun, fulfilling Arthur's wish when he was asked how he wanted to be buried by Hosea, Lenny and Tilly. Charles would talk about Arthur being a good man, and would go with Sadie and John to kill Micah to avenge Arthur.

Occasionally Arthur can encounter Charles working on some unique arrows at camp, if Arthur interacts with him Charles will offer to make some for Arthur if he provides him the necessary ingredients (Moonshine for fire arrows and Oleander for poison arrows). If Arthur does this there will be a regular supply of fire and poison arrows beside his bed.

Josiah Trelawny

Arthur never really understood his opinion of Trelawny. On the one hand he would come and go as he pleased, rarely getting his hands dirty and was willing to save himself over the gang. However, Trelawny is very useful and a pleasant person to be around. At one point Arthur described Trelawny as being "as slippery as an eel in an oil slick", but still sees him as a man. It was Trelawny's intel that helped the gang locate Sean after he was captured in Blackwater following the failed job there. He also aids Arthur and Javier when they need to take out two bounty hunters to save him. Furthermore, Trelawny acts as the middle man when the gang wants to send information to other members without being caught by the law. This proved to be very useful later in the story when Arthur tries to find there whereabouts of the gang after his return from Guarma.

Despite his reservations Arthur was willing to save Trelawny when he was taken captive by the local sheriff in Rhodes, and did the same again, this time by bounty hunters. After the latter incident Trelawny chooses to stay with the gang for a while. Whilst at camp he talks to Arthur about robbing a lucrative stagecoach and introduces him to Alden, who can be used throughout the story to find stagecoaches to rob. Arthur and Trelawny work together to rob Miss Damsen's stagecoach, either with stealth or brute force depending on the player. Trelawny arranges a plan to rob a lucrative riverboat called the Grand Korrigan, which is hosting a Poker tournament, and plays the role of getting Arthur trimmed and suited for the job and arrange his escort. On the boat he acts as Arthur's friend and tells him to go play Poker with Desmond Blythe, as part of the plan. After the gang manages to loot the safe and return to the lobby Trelawny gets into an argument with Blythe, who Arthur beat at Poker, believing that he cheated. Fighting breaks out, followed by shooting, and the gang make their escape.

Like some others, he decides to leave when the gang begins to fall apart. Arthur catches him packing his bags and he tries to give an explanation but Arthur makes it clear he doesn't have to hear his reasons to understand why he is leaving. Trelawny says he hopes to meet Arthur again but Arthur doubts this as he expects to die soon from his tuberculosis. This is the last time they see each other, with Trelawny admitting that he will miss Arthur and tells him that he has been a fine friend to him. Arthur pats him on the shoulder and tells him to leave with his blessing.

Tilly Jackson

Arthur got on with Tilly very well, much like the other women around camp. Whilst in Valentine, along with Uncle, Karen and Mary-Beth, Tilly is accosted by a gang member she used to be affiliated with, Arthur intervenes on her behalf and threatens the man, who leaves. This shows that Arthur is protective of her. Later in the story Bill has planned to rob a stagecoach and can ask Arthur to come along, upon telling him the details Arthur will invite Tilly to join them as they need to create a distraction to stop the stagecoach, indicating that he trusts Tilly's abilities to help on jobs. Ultimately, however, Tilly and Bill's bickering compromises the intended plan and instead they change to brute force, with Tilly leaving as that is not her style.

Later in the game she is kidnapped by the Foreman Brothers who she used to run with before she joined the Van der Linde gang. She had left the Foreman Brothers after she killed a man named Malcom who was the cousin of Anthony Foreman, for valid reasons. Arthur, with Miss Grimshaw, rescue Tilly and successfully capture Anthony Foreman, who Tilly warns to stay away from her. Arthur has the choice to either let him live or kill him. If he chooses the former Anthony keeps his promise of staying away from Tilly.

Like Lenny, Tilly expresses concern to Arthur about being in the state of Lemoyne which has a history of slavery and all the racism that comes with it. However, Arthur promises to protect her and won't let anything happen, further showing how much he cares for Tilly.

During certain points in the game, like Karen and Mary-Beth, Arthur can confide in Tilly that he's not always certain of his place in life and questions why he does the things he does. Revealing that Arthur trusts her just as much as the other girls around the camp. Tilly is also very kind to Arthur, frequently expressing concern for him as his health begins to deteriorate and wishing he'd take better care of himself.

At camp Tilly is one of the gang members Arthur can play Dominoes with. She is also one of the members that can come up to Arthur for a chat, specifically concerning Karen and her drinking habits. Tilly can request Arthur to find her a necklace and in return will give him a medicine.

Mary-Beth Gaskill

Mary-Beth is unique as one of the camp members as she is rarely seen taking part in any missions, unlike Karen and Tilly. When the group went to Valentine, with Arthur and Uncle, she was the only one not to get into any confrontations. As a result, it's never shown just how much Arthur cares about Mary-Beth. Although this can later be shown in a companion activity with Sean, where she can be grabbed and used as a human shield, which causes Arthur to shoot the guard showing he does in fact care about her safety.

Nonetheless, the interactions we do see shows that they are good friends with great respect for each other. Mary-Beth is much more sincere and considerate than the other girls, which gives Arthur the confidence to confide into Mary-Beth. She is the first to find and help Arthur after he escapes from Colm O'Driscoll and his men where he was tortured. Arthur interacts with Mary-Beth, where the two share anecdotes of their past, before Miss Grimshaw comes up to Arthur to tell him that Tilly has gone missing. She is the first to see Kieran's mutilated body, causing her to scream out in horror. Prior to this Mary-Beth asked Pearson about Kieran having gone missing, but Arthur can interject and tell her that he will be fine, with Mary-Beth choosing to trust him.

Arthur can have positive conversations with her, and at one point both of them discuss about how much they love to write, with Mary-Beth preferring to write stories and Arthur preferring to write his experiences in his journal, they both bond slightly over this shared interest. At camp Arthur can have conversations with her about his life and the things he does, and in response she will provide support and comfort for Arthur. He can even talk to her about his illness, and his inevitable death, late in the game. When he does tell her this she deeply sympathizes with Arthur but she will also try to reassure him, and tell him he still has time to do good.

John can encounter Mary-Beth at the Valentine train station years later. He will tell her how Arthur saved his life and that he thinks about him everyday, in response, she also reveals that she, too, thinks about Arthur a lot, showing how much she cares and respects Arthur before, and after, his death.

At camp Mary-Beth does not come up to Arthur for any conversations. She can ask Arthur for a fountain pen and in return will give him a ring. When the camp is celebrating Sean's return she can ask Arthur for a dance. It is generally believed that Mary-Beth had a crush on Arthur until, at least, she started developing feelings for Kieran, although this is unconfirmed.

Simon Pearson

Arthur and Pearson are very friendly towards each other. Pearson is usually upbeat and kind to Arthur and he returns the favour. Early on in the story Pearson complains that there isn't enough meat to feed the camp and will ask Arthur, and Charles, to go hunting in order to get the necessary food.

However, Pearson takes no part in the gang's role as criminals. He doesn't work on jobs or engages in any killings of any kind. Nonetheless, Arthur still respects him deeply because he keeps the camp fed, especially the women and children, and ultimately recognises the vital role he plays in keeping the gang going. His only notable encounter is having an argument with Sadie when she refuses to cut the vegetables for him, with Arthur intervening before a fight breaks out. Pearson will then request Arthur and Sadie to pick up some groceries and to deliver a letter for him, showing his trust in Arthur, however, Sadie ends up reading the letter. Pearson is the one who arranges a parlay between Dutch and Colm O'Driscoll after he has a run in with some of Colm's men, however, this inadvertently leads to Arthur being captured and tortured by Colm and his men, something Pearson repeatedly apologises for. Whilst at Shady Belle, Arthur can go with Pearson to grab some Gator eggs, with Pearson showing a surprising amount of bravery by luring the alligators away whilst Arthur goes to their nest.

He is grateful for Arthur's contributions when he goes hunting and donates what he has caught. Should Arthur provide him with the tools, Pearson is willing to craft special items to decorate his tent, and the rest of the camp, as well as improved satchels to improve his storage space. Whilst at camp, one of the chores has Arthur moving two sacks to Pearson's wagon, and he will occasionally thank Arthur for doing this.

At camp Pearson never goes up to Arthur for a spontaneous chat, but he is one of the members Arthur can play Poker with. Whilst celebrating Jack's return, Arthur can find Pearson singing and join in. This is also doable in the final chapter of the story, but this time it is just a chance encounter rather than for celebration. Pearson can ask Arthur to find him a Naval Compass and in return will give him a bottle of Rum. He can also ask Arthur to find him a rabbit and in return will give him a Nutritious Stew.


Arthur see's Uncle in a negative light and holds him in contempt for his laziness, but ultimately tolerates him and is willing to put up with some of his comments, likely a result of Uncle being one of the oldest members of the gang. Their relationship is very similar to what Uncle has with John. At one point, early on, Arthur scolds Uncle for sitting around 'thinking' all day whilst the rest of the gang have to put their necks out to survive, Uncle responds in jest that "Its a funny world Arthur Morgan." Nonetheless, Uncle respects Arthur's authority and if he is told to do something he will do it, albeit reluctantly and with only the occasional backchat.

Despite this, Arthur is, occasionally, willing to follow him. Such as when he finds a lead on a stagecoach, however, this soon gets out of control as it belongs to Leviticus Cornwall and is highly protected. Uncle, Arthur, Bill and Charles are soon pursued. They hide in a barn until nightfall, only for them to get caught again by Cornwall's men. They escape into the forest and the gang splits up, with Arthur going with Uncle. They find two of Cornwall's men and go to stealth kill them, only for Uncle to fumble it and Arthur is then forced to save him. The gang eventually escapes with the money.

When the gang starts to fall apart Arthur can tell Uncle that he should leave before its too late. Implying that he cares about his well-being and does not want to see him hurt, or even killed. Uncle follows through with Arthur's warning and soon leaves. He will later move in with John, Abigail and Jack at their homestead. Believing that he owes it to Arthur to help John and his family, who Arthur gave up his life for.

Whilst exploring the world Arthur can, rarely, encounter Uncle being kicked out of a Saloon and about to be attacked by a man, with Arthur having the choice to intervene and protect him. At camp Uncle can come up to Arthur to have random chats, normally ending with an insulting comment from Arthur. One chat in particular leads to Arthur telling Uncle that he is dying but will use the time he has left to help others make it out safely, with Uncle simply commenting that he is a good man. He can ask Arthur for some Medicinal Cream and in return will give Arthur a set of clothes.

Wapiti Indians

Rains Fall

Initially, Arthur viewed Rains Fall as weak because of his pacifism, a stark contrast to Arthur's lifestyle. However, as he helps Rains Fall and aids in his attempts to settle disputes with his son, and the U.S. Army, he gains a lot of respect for him. His willingness to help Rains Fall got to a point where he would try to do so behind Dutch's back, and even if it earned his contempt.

Arthur encounters Rains Fall for the first time, during the story, in Saint Denis, where he is asked to help his son, Eagle Flies. It is around this time that Arthur's doubts of Dutch starts to grow, eventually leading him to lose all faith in his gang leader. From a certain perspective, the void that was left behind by Arthur removing Dutch from his sense of admiration is filled by Rains Fall. This view is further exacerbated when Dutch takes advantage of Eagle Flies' pent up rage at the U.S. Army, with Arthur feeling that Dutch is putting the Wapiti Tribe at risk and compromising the well-being and safety Rains Fall has fought so hard to gain and protect.

The two grow close enough that Arthur feels comfortable to, for the first time, talk about his son and former lover, who both died after being murdered by two robbers over a petty amount of cash. The experience hardened him and made him realise that he doesn't deserve the kind of happiness that his now dead family once gave him because of the life he leads. Rains Fall comforts Arthur and tells him that he is being too hard on himself.

Ultimately, Arthur leaves a positive impression on Rains Fall. He aided their fight to protect their land by sneaking into Leviticus Cornwall's office to find proof that his tribe will be forced to move. Arthur companies Rains Fall when he goes to meet with Colonel Favours in order to arrange a peace deal between the Natives and the U.S. Army, but this ultimately fails. Arthur, with Charles, then rescues Eagles Flies from Fort Wallace, much to Rains Fall's gratitude. However, their last encounter is Arthur delivering his mortally wounded son after he chose to attack Cornwall's oil factory under Dutch's manipulation to compel him to do so.

In some minor missions Rains Fall shows his respect for Arthur and expresses his belief that he is a good man after they ride past a pack wolves and Arthur scares them off instead of killing them, and when they arrive at a camp site with ancient artifacts, only for them to have been stolen, Arthur sneaks into a camp to retrieve them without killing anyone, once more earning Rains Fall's respect and praise.

Eagle Flies

Arthur first meets Eagle Flies along side his father, Rains Fall, in Saint Denis. Eagle Flies was apprehensive and skeptical of him and believed he was nothing more than a hired hand who only worked for the highest bidder, and had no real care for the well-being of his people. Despite this, he agrees to work with Arthur for his people's sake.

They first work together when trying to infiltrate Leviticus Cornwall's oil factory where Arthur is tasked with finding evidence of the company's intent on removing the Wapiti Tribe from their land to drill for oil. Eagle Flies admires Arthur's skills and ends up deciding to help him, after Arthur gets himself cornered, by causing an explosion in the distance, giving Arthur the chance to escape. They ride out together, killing any pursuers, with Arthur having successfully found evidence of Cornwall's intentions.

Eagle Flies meets Dutch van der Linde when he comes to ask Arthur for his help after the U.S. Army steals some of the Natives' horses, with Dutch and the gang agreeing to help. He soon falls under Dutch's manipulation to attack the army, with Dutch hoping to take advantage of the resulting chaos. This concerns Arthur, and his friend Charles, greatly. This can be seen as proof that Arthur has begun to care for the Wapiti Tribe and even Eagle Flies himself. Soon after, Dutch and Eagle Flies come up with a plan to attack a U.S. Army convoy, but the plan gets out of control and Eagle Flies gets himself captured, which forces Arthur and Charles to rescue him from Fort Wallace. He becomes grateful for Arthur rescuing him and starts to believe he genuinely cares for his people.

Late in the game Arthur is forced to go with Eagles Flies, along with the rest of the Van der Linde gang, to attack Cornwall's oil facility. During the attack Arthur saves Eagle Flies yet again. By this point in the story Dutch and Arthur's relationship has fallen apart and during the escape Dutch leaves Arthur for dead, only for Eagle Flies to come to his rescue, but gets himself mortally wounded in the process by Colonel Favours. This greatly distresses Arthur and calls him a silly fool, however, Eagle Flies retorts that Arthur has saved him numerous times and him giving up his life in return is how it should be. Arthur returns Eagle Flies back to his to his father at the tribe's reservation, on the way Arthur expresses his regret for allowing him to get involved with Dutch, but Eagle Flies reassures him that all his decisions were his own. He ultimately succumbs to his wounds and passes away.

Their friendship was brief, but impactful for both parties. Arthur aiding Eagle Flies gained his respect despite the fact he initially loathed Arthur and his kind, but nonetheless ends with Eagle Flies giving up his life for Arthur's. Helping the Wapiti Tribe and Eagle Flies gave Arthur the chance to redeem himself by doing the right thing, however, the needless death of a young man due to Dutch's manipulation and refusal to help Arthur causes him to solidify his opposition to Dutch.


Hamish Sinclair

Arthur admired and respected Hamish greatly because of the way he has lived his life, despite his prosthetic leg. Hamish is perhaps the only person in the game Arthur builds an authentic and genuine friendship with, Arthur never mocks Hamish and enjoys his company in spite of Arthur's reclusiveness trait. The two bonded over fishing and hunting, becoming good friends throughout. When Hamish is mortally wounded by a giant boar they were tracking, he gives his beloved steed, Buell, to Arthur, signifying their friendship. If Arthur dies before completing Hamish's story line he will be saddened by his death, speaking of Arthur's hunting achievements with John.

Charlotte Balfour

Arthur stumbles upon Charlotte mourning for her husband. Feeling sorry for her, Arthur teaches her how to hunt and skin and survive in the wilderness. Charlotte was grateful for his help and his company, having brought her up when she was at her lowest point. If John visits her in the epilogue, she will again express gratitude for Arthur's actions, his help having enabled her to survive and live happily. John would tell her of Arthur's death, as she would become sad as she thought he didn't have long enough and will allow John to have items, stating any friend of Arthur's is a friend of hers.

Joe Butler

Arthur has a brief yet friendly relationship with Joe, with the two talking about recent events. If John tells Joe that Arthur died, he will show a small amount of sympathy.


Mickey liked Arthur as he states that he was his only friend. The player can chose how Arthur felt about Mickey.