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Arthur Shodlow is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Arthur is a professional lawman who operates in and around Blackwater as a uniformed officer of the police department.


Arthur can usually be found patrolling Blackwater. However, if Marston has a high enough bounty, Arthur will join other lawmen in tracking him to multiple locations around West Elizabeth.


Can’t you walk straight?
Arthur Shodlow when bumped.
You’re headed for the kind of trouble that’s going to follow you around for a long time.
Arthur Shodlow when insulted.
Good to see ya.
Arthur Shodlow greeting others.
I always make extra rounds to stores that give me discounts.
Arthur Shodlow conversing with others.
Really? Tell me more.
Arthur Shodlow responding to a conversation.


  • Judging by some of his conversational dialogue with fellow lawmen, where he refers disparagingly to federal law enforcement officials acting like they were "big men", he is yet another character who has a degree of frustration in how the federal government is managing the affairs of the Western states.
  • According to his dialogue, he considers himself a crack-shot when in a shootout, although it is unknown how this affects the player shooting at him.
  • Also going by his dialogue when shooting, he considers his colleagues incompetent, as he will bemoan how, were it not for his fellow officers, "the suspect would already be down".
  • He can be heard saying that he makes more rounds to shops where he receives discounts, indicating that he may be corrupt.

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