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The Artists, Writers, & Poets Card Set is a collectible set of Cigarette Cards players may put together in Red Dead Redemption 2. Mailing the set to Phineas T. Ramsbottom awards Ginseng Elixir and $100.


Name Location State Notes
Edith Corinne Braithwaite Manor Lemoyne In the center of the town is a clothesline with a table near it. Under the table is the card.
Elsie Rose Strawberry West Elizabeth On the table at the top of the hotel's stairwell.
W.G. Hoyt Hani's Bethel New Hanover On a table inside the cabin.
Aldous Bramley Blackwater West Elizabeth South of town is a building on the western side of the road. On the front porch between the two chairs.
Preston T. Stephenson Annesburg New Hanover In the office to the west of the railroad tracks.
Evelyn Miller Blackwater West Elizabeth Northwest of the warehouse, sitting on a table next to the clothesline.
Slick Hutton Van Horn Trading Post New Hanover To the southwest of the Post is a structure with a balcony. On a crate on the northeast end of the balcony is the card.
Laurence Carson Saint Denis Lemoyne In an alley near the Trapper in the east is a table behind a wooden wall. On the table is the card.
Miss Maud Delancey Houseboat Lemoyne On a table inside.
Charles Châtenay Valentine New Hanover On the front porch of a house to the northwest. The halfway house of Mary Linton's first mission.
George Dixie Heartland Overflow New Hanover Southwest on the bed in the house.
Richard McCullough Saint Denis Lemoyne North up Rue de la Diligent and past the cemetery, a gazebo can be found on the western side of the road. On a table to the southeast is the card.