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Asada is a minor character featured in Red Dead Revolver.



Asada appears to have been an acrobat of sorts working in Perry's Circus and became an outlaw after the group turned to crime.

Events of Red Dead Revolver

Asada is encountered during the mission "Freak Show", where Jack Swift enters a deserted Widow's Patch to take down Perry and the rest of his gang. Asada functions in the same manner as the Fidgits, although he will usually appear on elevated platforms and shoot down at the player.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Revolver


  • He is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal under the 92-93 Prof. Perry's Peculiarities section.
  • Judging by his name and accent, Asada appears to be of Hispanic descent.
  • As a carnival worker (known by the slang term "carny"), his name is possibly a reference to the Mexican dish carne asada.


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