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Ashton is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Ashton is a loan shark based in Saint Denis.

Events in Red Dead Redemption 2

Mr. Gillis sells his wife's brooch and family heirloom to Ashton in Saint Denis; Ashton gives him the money for the brooch and offers to give Mr. Gillis a loan, who declines and says that he’s aware of Ashton's reputation as a loan shark. Ashton subsequently leaves the scene, after which Arthur begins pursuing him after agreeing to get the brooch back for Mary, who would like to keep it for sentimental value.

Ashton enters a stagecoach, trying to outrun Arthur. The outlaw chases after him on horseback and eventually hijacks the stagecoach, pushing the drivers off and taking to a secluded spot. Here, Morgan drags Ashton out of the coach and demands the brooch from him. At first, Ashton offers to give to him for $100, at which point the player can choose to accept this offer or continue beating him until he gives it to Arthur for free. Afterwards, Ashton runs away; killing him thereafter will lower the player's Honor.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2